Samurai & Asian Swords

You cannot talk about Japanese history without mentioning the elite Samurai Warrior. Experts at fighting both on horseback and the ground, the Samurai lived by a strict code of ethics. Instilled with "freedom from fear", they trained rigidly and were considered an aristocratic warrior class. carries quality katanas and samurai weapons.

Butterfly SwordsButterfly SwordsPrice: $299.95 
Chinese War Sword Chinese War SwordPrice: $359.95 
Cobra Steel WakizashiCobra Steel WakizashiPrice: $64.95 
Dragonfly KatanaDragonfly KatanaPrice: $599.95 
Dragonfly WakazashiDragonfly WakazashiPrice: $449.95 
Gim SwordGim SwordPrice: $319.95 
Golden Leaf KatanaGolden Leaf KatanaPrice: $89.95 
Imperial KatanaImperial KatanaPrice: $594.95 
Imperial WakazashiImperial WakazashiPrice: $449.95 
Jade Lion GimJade Lion GimPrice: $539.95 
KaiKaiPrice: $209.00 
Lord Kira (Asano)Lord Kira (Asano)Price: $154.00 
OishiOishiPrice: $169.00 
Painted Dragon KatanaPainted Dragon KatanaPrice: $499.95 
Red Damascus KatanaRed Damascus KatanaPrice: $99.95 
Thunder God KatanaThunder God KatanaPrice: $150.00 
Warrior Chisa KatanaWarrior Chisa KatanaPrice: $379.95 
Warrior KatanaWarrior KatanaPrice: $394.95 
Warrior NodachiWarrior NodachiPrice: $539.95 
Warrior O Katana Warrior O KatanaPrice: $439.00