Historical Swords

Collectors know their history and demand authenticity. Don't confuse our sabers and swords with cheap imitations. Our faithful copies are made to perform exactly as the originals did in every way.

300 Spartan Sword"300" Spartan SwordPrice: $195.00 
1830 Napoleon Saber 1830 Napoleon SaberPrice: $273.95 
18th Century Small Sword18th Century Small SwordPrice: $249.00 
1917 Cutlass1917 CutlassPrice: $189.95 
American Revolution SaberAmerican Revolution SaberPrice: $149.95 
Charay Khyber KnifeCharay Khyber KnifePrice: $165.00 
Confederate Cavalry SaberConfederate Cavalry SaberPrice: $149.95 
Grosse MesserGrosse MesserPrice: $229.95 
Heavy Cavalry SaberHeavy Cavalry SaberPrice: $149.95 
Masonic Knights SwordMasonic Knights SwordPrice: $325.00 
Patton SwordPatton SwordPrice: $169.95