Kukris & Machetes

Kukri's are mid length curved knives used both as a tool and a weapon.  They are regimental issue to the famous Gurkha warriors, in whose skilled hands it becomes a frightening weapon. Designed for utilitarian use as well as war, it excels at chopping, cutting and stabbing. Windlass Steelcrafts is proud to be the only official government contractor for the kukri!

Moro BarongMoro BarongPrice: $19.95 
Officer's KukriOfficer's KukriPrice: $34.95 
Panga MachetePanga MachetePrice: $12.95 
ParangParangPrice: $19.95 
Saw MacheteSaw MachetePrice: $18.95 
Two Handed Kukri Machete Two Handed Kukri MachetePrice: $24.95 
Two Handed Machete Two Handed MachetePrice: $19.95 
WWII Combat MacheteWWII Combat MachetePrice: $94.95 
WWII Square Tip MacheteWWII Square Tip MachetePrice: $99.95