Swords & Sabers

We offer the finest selection of museum quality sword, knife and dagger reproductions.  Nearly all are hand forged like the originals. Made from high carbon steels and other authentic materials, these blades handle and flex like the real things. The fully tempered, full tang blades are battle ready for your next crusade or just display ready for your office or den. Know what it was like to hold the weapons that carved out the worlds greatest nations!

Get FREE STANDARD SHIPPING when you buy a sword valued at $200 or more!

Father's Day has an unfortunate history of being an afterthought. Originally proposed in 1910, two years after the commercialization of Mother's Day, it was not made official until 1972. Well it's time to give more consideration to dear old dad! Receive FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of a sword valued at $200 or more! This includes many of Atlanta Cutlery's finely crafted military sabers and high carbon replicas! This offer will only last until June 19th so don't delay!