Every single MTech knife is designed and tested in the USA before being produced.  All knives feature 440 stainless steel blades. You know they will take whatever you can dish out! 

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Camp AxeCamp AxePrice: $14.95 
Coffin FolderCoffin FolderPrice: $9.95 
Delta Five BlackDelta Five BlackPrice: $11.95 
Delta Five SilverDelta Five SilverPrice: $11.95 
Dragon ClawDragon ClawPrice: $9.95 
Field Op PowerField Op PowerPrice: $34.95 
Light & Compact KnifeLight & Compact KnifePrice: $8.95 
Liquid FireLiquid FirePrice: $11.95 
MTech Belt DaggerMTech Belt DaggerPrice: $19.95 
Mtech Xtreme CombatMtech Xtreme CombatPrice: $19.95 
Raptor KnifeRaptor KnifePrice: $74.95 
Rescue KnifeRescue KnifePrice: $9.95 
Tac BowieTac BowiePrice: $19.95 
Tac HawkTac HawkPrice: $29.95 
USMC Black ReaperUSMC Black ReaperPrice: $16.95 
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