Windlass Cobra Steel

Windlass Cobra Steel multi-purpose knives feature hand-forged, high carbon steel blades which have been fully tempered in state-of-the-art computer controlled ovens. Hardened to a Rockwell of 48°, they will “flex” in a cut and come back for more! Based on designs of historical swords, they are perfect for today's tactical needs. The hard rubber scales provide a strong grip for any condition. All come battle ready sharp from the factory and include a leather sheath with a black finish.

Cobra Steel LakoniaCobra Steel LakoniaPrice: $59.95 
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Cobra Steel WakizashiCobra Steel WakizashiPrice: $64.95 
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Windlass Cobra Steel Combat KnifeWindlass Cobra Steel Combat KnifePrice: $59.95 
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Windlass Cobra Steel FalcataWindlass Cobra Steel FalcataPrice: $59.95 
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Windlass Cobra Steel JambiyaWindlass Cobra Steel JambiyaPrice: $49.95 
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Windlass Cobra Steel KindjalWindlass Cobra Steel KindjalPrice: $59.95 
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Windlass Cobra Steel KopisWindlass Cobra Steel KopisPrice: $59.95 
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Windlass Cobra Steel Talon KnifeWindlass Cobra Steel Talon KnifePrice: $59.95 
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