Böker Knives


Entering into their 140th year of operation gives Boker reason to celebrate.  Boker is one of the last production facilities in operation located in the "City of Blades", Solingen, Germany.  Being one of the oldest manufacturers of cutlery in the world did not come by luck.  It came form their commitment to quality and innovation, and their assurance that they will continue to design, engineer and seek out products that you will be proud to own. 

Read for information on Boker's lifetime warranty

Boker Black LightningBoker Black LightningPrice: $14.95 
Boker CLB KeycomBoker CLB KeycomPrice: $24.95 
Boker Exskelibur IBoker Exskelibur IPrice: $64.95 
Boker Gemini BadgerBoker Gemini BadgerPrice: $66.95 
Boker HaddockBoker HaddockPrice: $228.95 
Boker HyperBoker HyperPrice: $39.95 
Boker Magnum TwisterBoker Magnum TwisterPrice: $29.95 
Boker M-TypeBoker M-TypePrice: $49.95 
Boker Pocket Kukri Boker Pocket KukriPrice: $21.95 
Boker Pry-MiniBoker Pry-MiniPrice: $162.95 
Boker SavannahBoker SavannahPrice: $294.95 
Boker TacticalBoker TacticalPrice: $24.95 
Boker Tactical PenBoker Tactical PenPrice: $24.95 
Executive DefenseExecutive DefensePrice: $42.95 
Kalashnikov TacticalKalashnikov TacticalPrice: $42.95