P-1837 Brunswick 2 Groove Rifle w/ Sword Bayonet, Untouched

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The Brunswick 2 groove rifle was the first British percussion military rifle to succeed the famous Baker flintlock of the Napoleonic era. Originally designed with 11 groove rifling, this Hanoverian design was rejected in favor of the standard 2 groove “belted ball” .704 caliber rifle.  Issued exclusively to the British home army and Indian army rifle regiments, our Brunswick rifles date from the earlier back action design.  No patch box lid available. The Sword Bayonet is brass hilted Colonial issue with a knuckle guard. No scabbard included.

All show extensive use but each appears, by and large, to be complete. They may, or may not function, once the thick layer of congealed dirt, grime, grease and rust are removed, and may suffer from cracks and breaks which is to be expected after more than a century of neglect. Again only offered in AS IS condition; complete with caked on debris from battle and storage. There are NO Guarantees other than that each gun is completely genuine and very old. These relics should be likened to an archaeological dig, so no unreasonable demands or gripes please. Now offered at a bargain price for the enthusiast to enjoy as is or to spend the time and TLC to carefully restore; each weapon is REAL, ANTIQUE and is offered AS FOUND. Picture is a typical example; each weapon will vary of course.  There is a $10.00 additional shipping & handling charge with item, cannot be shipped USPS.

Each gun will feature:
The barrel and action (which may be incomplete), reproduction butt plate (if missing) and sword bayonet #600813.  There is no guarantee for any other parts.  

Condition: usually show rust & pitting and be covered in dirt as originally stored.  Otherwise they may not operate because of seizing or could be otherwise incomplete.  Plus there may be additional cracks, missing chunks, old repairs.

Note: These guns were manufactured before 1898 and are therefore legally considered antiques. It is totally legal to own these without a U.S. Federal Firearms License (FFL) and they can be shipped to most countries around the world.

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Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
This is the third rifle I have ordered from Atlanta Cutlery, as always, I paid for Hand Select. I was extremely disappointed in this one. The stock is full of worm holes with several cracks in the stock. The worm holes are so bad, screws will not hold in the wood. The rear sight is some wacko handmade sight and it's not even on straight. Yes, I read other reviews, but the patch box problem is a headache to cut down to size and fit, but it can be done. ALSO, the bayonet has a broken bolster. YES, I paid for Hand Select! If this is Hand Select, I sure would hate to see the others. Sorry AC, but I am displeased with this 3rd purchase.
Reviewed by Joseph  H
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Another SUPER ONE! Ordered a Hand Select, same as back in 2010. (See my rating review dated 3/26/10 below.) This one is heavy in grease. Will take more time to disassemble and clean. All original brass there, with the exception as expected, of the orig. patch box lid. The new cast one shipped is not even within 1/2" of fitting, toooooo... LARGE. Everything else appears fine with the exception of one logitudinal crack underneath beginning at the front portion of the trigger guard (guard screw)/ below the lock and extends about 12 inches forward of the trigger guard. It appears it will be a easy repair once the stock is cleaned. This will be another great one, when completed cleaning. My first P-37 was missing the flip site....this one has one. I'm happy for that. The bayonet has a slight curve, I would estimate it does not deviate more than 1/8" from true. The brass finger guard that attaches to the ribbed brass grip is loose...will reqire a quick&easy fix. I cleaned the bayonet already to get the serial number, and the blade is fine with very minor pitting in one small area, on one side only. Another lucky pick of the draw..."Select Draw". Thanks again AC! C. GREEN
Reviewed by Anonymous
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Product came as described, was completely filthy. I have been working on it now for a month, and I am nearly complete with it. The patch box is too large and would need to be cut down considerably and even then, the hinge mechanism is too large, and the slot for the latch is in the wrong direction. So I have ordered a new patch box from the Rifle Shoppe, and am anticipating its arrival. The bayonet is still a work in progress to get it to fit on the bayonet rail. The three stock retaining pins were in such poor condition that I had to fashion new ones, out of 4"X1" brass blanks. Each one was slightly different and had to be machined individually. Although it is not original, it still looks a lot better, and holds the barrel in place much firmer. The stock had a crack that extended from the third barrel pin to the front of the trigger guard, but this filled nicely with plastic wood. Again a very nice product, just make sure you have a dremel, a bench grinder, and numerous sized flat head screwdrivers.
Reviewed by Charles  G
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Got the Rifle in less than a week and spent several days working to get it cleaned up. After the grime was off I found a really nice rifle underneath that needed a little patchwork done on the fore arm and some worming on the butt. The only thing that is an issue is the Grossly over sized patchbox lid that will take a lot of work for fitting. Other than that I am more than happy with my rifle.
Reviewed by Simon  L
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Have not started work on it yet but I have over 30 of the rifles from Nepal, I can see this will go well.
Reviewed by Ivan  B
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Hand-selected speciman -- dirt covered, light rust in barrel, lock full of dried grease, some cracking along top of barrel channel on stock (now repaired), complete except for patch box. Bayonet needs fitting to lug on barrel. Everything cleaned up very well and am very pleased with purchase! I wish someone would reproduce the missing brass patch box for these Brunswick muskets.
Reviewed by Paul  F
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
The rifles rear site was thre but the flip site was broken off, patch cover missing as expected, all of the other brass was there, actually had about 1" of the original sling still attached to the lower end,the first round of cleaning was already done. The bayonet also was in very good shape, minor pitting, still with a great edge, It will need some fileing to fit the rifle bayonet lug. All I can say is I have a beautiful antique. Thanks AC! C.Green
Reviewed by Charles  G