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Double Barreled “Sawed-Off” Stagecoach Shotgun

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Double Barreled “Sawed-Off” Stagecoach Shotgun Double Barreled “Sawed-Off” Stagecoach Shotgun Double Barreled “Sawed-Off” Stagecoach Shotgun Double Barreled “Sawed-Off” Stagecoach Shotgun
If you’ve ever called “SHOTGUN!” getting into a car, this is where it all started. The Coach Gun received its moniker on the stagecoach runs of the Wild West, when outlaws and Indians targeted lonely coaches on long and uncertain trails through difficult and often hostile territory. “Riding Shotgun” became known as a hard and sometimes fatal occupation. This cut-down version of the famous Coach Gun was a favorite among barkeeps throughout the Wild West. It was also known as a "Street Howitzer". Doc Holiday is known to have carried a similar weapon to the gunfight at the OK Corral.

The real feel and weight is there in this well done, non-firing replica.  The time worn appearance mimics the percussion cap action of the original 1881 design.  Features a stained hardwood stock and the working parts from solid metal with a black finish. Very nice details with working percussion cap type hammers, double triggers, twin barrels, opening lever and “break” opening action. A great way to add to your or a friend’s wild west collection. Cannot be shipped to CA, CT, KS, MA, MN, NY, WI, Puerto Rico or Canada. Cannot use Paypal as a payment method.
  • Overall: 21.5"
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Nicely crafted. An excellent addition to my collection.
Reviewed by Ted  T
1/30/2016 3:25:42 PM