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US Model 1917 Bolo Knife w/ Scabbard

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US Model 1917 Bolo Knife w/ ScabbardUS Model 1917 Bolo Knife w/ ScabbardUS Model 1917 Bolo Knife w/ ScabbardUS Model 1917 Bolo Knife w/ Scabbard

Overall Length: 15"

Blade Length: 11-1/2"

Blade Width:

Blade Thickness:

Weight: 1 lb / 6 oz


Edge: Sharpened

Engraving: Unavailable

Our military used the same basic bolo knife from the turn of the century through WWII.  Manufactured from 1897 to 1918, it went through a number of changes during its production life. First issued to medical personnel in the field it was later issued to fighting troops and used to clear brush, fields of fire and for any task requiring a “chopper”. We have chosen to reproduce the 1917 version that was made in great numbers during 1917 and 1918. Features a heavy-duty high carbon sharpened steel blade (the reverse edge is sharp for the 1st 2") that’s properly heat treated in a computer controlled kiln. The full tang is integral with the pommel and the dark close-grained wood grips are secured with 2 large bolts. The right side of the blade base is stamped “US MOD 1917 CT” and the left is stamped “PLUMB STLOUIS 1918”. Includes a No 1 style scabbard that includes a 1918 dated makers stamp on the leather tip; it’s covered in heavy canvas with a heavy-duty brass throat and brass belt hanger for use on standard web belts. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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    Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
    Arrived completely dull. Unlike Jared, handle is in good shape. Since I bought this because it is referenced in a science fiction novel, I can live with its dullness until I sharpen it.
    Reviewed by Jon  H
    Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
    This bolo is absolutely great, I love the Krag-style hanger & if the entire reverse edge was sharp it would remind me of short Gladiolus. This item is more than worth the price; I highly recomend this one.
    Reviewed by frank  w
    Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
    Jared - Sorry you had problems with your purchase. We are looking into the issues you mentioned, in the meantime feel free to return the knife for a refund.
    Reviewed by Ally  B
    Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
    Sticker on blade says "Made in India". Only sharpened on one side, completely flat on the other side of the blade. Serious issue for such a thick blade. Seems to make the knife twist in my hand with every chop. Handle is welded to blade to make it full tang...welded very badly. Not sure if it will stay together. Handles do not fit very well. Filled in with wood-putty to fit. Putty started to fall out as soon as I started chopping. Would have been ok for say $20. Paid $100. Was expecting better quality. Was actually expecting a semi-custom reproduction. Find it hard to believe the original would have been made like this for our troops...even 100 years ago. I hope this is not typical of Windlass Steelcrafts. Bought this knife for combat use but would NOT use it for such without major alterations.Could be made combat worthy with some major grinding and re-welding. The handles would not be much of an issue for combat use but for $100 they should fit without putty. Very disappointing.
    Reviewed by Jared  G