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English Police Truncheon

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English Police TruncheonEnglish Police Truncheon

Overall Length: 21-1/2"

Thickness at Base: 1-1/4"

Thickness at Neck: 1-3/4"

Weight: 1 lb / 4 oz

Material: Polypropylene

The Truncheons employed by British “Bobbies” were heavy sticks used against the criminal element, but they also served as a symbol of authority. Techniques often included thrusting, rapping, joint manipulation and locks, but these were often abandoned in favor of simply “clobbering” an opponent with a heavy strike!

Much prized by collectors, these beautiful sticks are often expensive and (as they are made of wood) often cracked, warped, mildewed and aged. This modern interpretation from Cold Steel is not only good looking, but it’s also precision injection molded from high-impact polypropylene, making it amazingly impact resistant while being weatherproof and waterproof. Comes with a cord lanyard. Cannot ship to AR, CA, MA, NJ, NY, PA or Canada.
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    Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
    excellent make an weight a must have for a collector or even for home protection, this weapon is durable and will ring someones bell in a self defense situation. I am a great fan of the nearly indestructable plastic ,I have many of cold steels self defense canes and walking sticks in my collection and I highly recommend this product.
    Reviewed by Daniel  W
    3/20/2017 11:56:08 AM
    Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
    It looks great hanging on the trophy wall.
    Reviewed by Steve  K
    1/23/2017 8:45:29 AM