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Kirpan Traditional Sikh Knife

ID#: 404267

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Kirpan Traditional Sikh KnifeKirpan Traditional Sikh KnifeKirpan Traditional Sikh KnifeKirpan Traditional Sikh Knife

Overall Length: 11"

Blade: 6"


Steel: 1065 High Carbon

Sharpening: Unavailable

Engraving: Unavailable

A Kirpan is a traditional Sikh knife carried as part of a religious commandment given by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 stating that Sikhs should always wear five articles of faith, the kirpan being one. Sikh’s are to be Saint Soldiers that embody mercy, grace, compassion and honor.

Windlass Steelcrafts Kirpan is made from hand forged, 1065 high carbon steel with a full profile  tang. Features impressive highly polished brass and hand finished scales. Bolsters feature the Sikh religious symbol and One Creator or god symbol, Ik Onkar.  Includes matching wood sheath covered in red leather and brass tip.