New Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry Rifle

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New Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry Rifle

New Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry RifleNew Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry Rifle
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This new stock fits a P-1853 .577 caliber percussion infantry rifle and P-1864 .577 caliber Snider breech loading rifle. The stocks have been appropriately shaped and fashioned with new brass butt plates. Note: Although the replacement stocks are pre-shaped to accommodate most of the original parts, the lock cavity has not been drilled because each lock has subtle differences in size and shape.

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I have bought two off these and for the price they are fine. The lock needs inlaying from scratch Barrel bed usually needs some work but if you have the skills this is a good deal Please NOTE wood while hard is NOT walnut however for a Nepal gun is authentic.
Reviewed by David  C
11/29/2014 6:05:52 PM
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Just bought 2.I was a little scared, until I striped the dark gunk off.No knots, just a little sap on one.Not the the low grade teak on most Indian stocks but a nice straight grain walnut sort of looking hard wood.WELL PLEASED
Reviewed by Nicholas  C
11/3/2010 12:00:00 AM
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I had purchased one of these stocks some time ago.I was saving it for a winter project.Well its winter,so I though I would start working on it,but after looking at it I found that the stock wood was very twisted,and the barrel channel was milled of center to the stock,and the overall shape is nothing like the original.on top of all that,I took a straght ege and put it across the top of the stock where the barrel would be,and found out that the stock had a dip in it that was 5/16 I had to cut into the stock and fit,and glue new wood in place to fix it. also after sanding into the surfase of the nice red finish,I found that the wood is some sort of nasty grained gum wood looking junk,that has all kinds of knotts and checks that are filled with in the end,it wasn't worth the $145 I paid for it.if I hadn't waited so long to look at it I would have been able to send it back,because thay give you 30 days for returns. I have been working with wood for 16 years and I have never seen anything like it...
Reviewed by Anonymous
2/21/2009 11:39:01 AM