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20th Century War Gun Parts & Accessories

We carry replica gun parts from 20th century wars. Made with accuracy from various countries, they are perfect to outfit WWI & WWII re-enactors, collectors, to use as props and for display. Find slings, butt stocks and other accessories to complete your collection.

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C-96 Wood Buttstock Holster Set

This is hand-crafted wood buttstock holster comes with a leather belt harness and cleaning rod. It works with all model Mauser C-96 Broomhandle, Bolo, etc. with 10 round magazines.

USMC Military Beretta 92, Glock & Gold Cup Style Black Holster

This USMC Officer's Holster is designed to fit Beretta 92, Glock, Gold Cup Style and similar models. Made from top-grain heavy leather with a warm satin finish and sewn with waxed linen thread, it comes complete with leather leg-thong.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: C-96 Wood Buttstock Holster Set

looks perfect exactly what I expected my C96 Mauser fits well inside this wooden holster and attaches firmly to it with a nice overall finish to the wood  the leather harness appears to be very well made and nicely finished.
The only drawback to it it was on backorder and took forever to arrive.
All though I can understand the backorder becase it's not a popular item they would have in stock but I was extremely happy that they offered such a hard to find item
Reviewed by: Kevin, July 25, 2020

Review of: Flechette Darts 1 lb pk - US Military Surplus

I have no idea what I will do with these. None of mine came rusted. The vast majority are collated in opposite directions in a two-threaded coil. I think I'll try to see what weapon they might have been used in.  Another reviewer said they might be good as blowgun darts. I'm thinking I might try that.
Reviewed by: , October 30, 2019

Review of: Springfield 1907 Pattern Sling with Steel Hardware

Fitted up to my rifle perfectly. A little thin but not un-exceptionable
Reviewed by: Robert, July 10, 2019

Review of: M1 Garand Sling with Brass Hardware

A little thin but, it works. Use it on my M-1  and it has not stretched out too much for being so thin.
Reviewed by: Robert, July 08, 2019

Review of: US Marked Garand Cartridge Belt

For my best friend, who had a Garand with no clip holder. His favorite birthday present, along with the strap I also purchased.
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, December 28, 2018

Review of: M1 Garand Sling with Brass Hardware

Beautiful! It makes my bed friend's Garand!
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, December 28, 2018

Review of: US Marked Garand Cartridge Belt

This item is an exact copy of the M-1 Garand belt that my father used in both WWII and Korea.  This is exactly what I wanted and it currently resides with my M-1, including the long bayonet, and first aide packet that I have attached.  My father told me that Marines that had made island landings before would also add an additional bandoleer or two over the support shoulder.
Reviewed by: Philip, December 14, 2018

Review of: C-96 Leather Harness & Cleaning Rod

Great quality and really nicely made.
Reviewed by: Nicholas, December 12, 2016

Review of: M1 Carbine Leather Scabbard

Beautiful!  I have an all Winchester carbine and its going in it!
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, December 19, 2014