20th Century War Knives, Daggers & Swords

Find unique cutting tools and weapons from WWI, WWII and other 20th century conflicts that exhibit how brutal and elegant the fighting had become. From the trenches to the all out frontal assaults, you will find an array of expertly crafted reproduction weapons for combat and survival. Find US, German and British military replica knives from all branches of service.

  • SA WWII Service Dagger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    SA WWII Service Dagger

    # 420016

    An exacting replica made with a 1075 high carbon steel blade. It features a SA runes button, a high-necked grip eagle, a typical RZM grip and gray nickel-plated surfaces.   The SA, or Brown Shirts, were a private political group formed in 1921...

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