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Civil War Clothing & Utensils

Covering many ranks for the Union and Confederacy, you will look the part with real cut patterns and accurate materials to the originals

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Solid Copper CS Coffee Mug

These solid copper, 1 piece mugs keep drinks, soups or stews hot longer. Great for camping trips too since they won’t break. Can also be personalized with 3 Initials.

Civil War Confederate Enlisted Men's Cream Leather Gauntlets

Confederate Enlisted Men's Cream Leather Gauntlets with wide cuffs without embroidery.

Confederate Vest

Civil War era replica vest made of richly dyed wool front with cotton back and lining. CSA metal buttons.

Union Vest

This replica Civil War vest is perfect for collectors, history buffs and re-enactors. 100% richly dyed wool front with cotton back and lining. Union eagle metal buttons.

Union Officer's Round-About Jacket

This authentically patterned replica Civil War jacket is made from dark blue wool and has a 9 eagle button front. Available in M, L, XL or 2XL.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat

Honestly this Frock coat is good, i didn't know this coat had a inside pocket so I'm honestly amazed by that, came in great condition, I don't like how it feels but other than that. It's good.
Reviewed by: Angel, November 18, 2021

Review of: Solid Copper Soup Mug

Made well, receive it quickly!
Reviewed by: gary, November 07, 2020

Review of: Frontier Shirt

Comfortable and looks Great too.
Reviewed by: Thomas, July 21, 2019

Review of: Union Enlisted Cavalry Shell Jacket

Beautiful jacket.  Color and quality outstanding for price.  I am 6’4” and weigh 240 lbs. Usually items are snug and short for me.  This jacket fit me perfectly.
Reviewed by: John, May 17, 2019

Review of: Civil War Pocket Map Case - CSA

This reproduction is so good that it could pass as an original.  The oxidation is heavy, but some fine sandpaper can reduce it and make it look like it has pocket wear.  I am planning on using this with a collection of reproductions that commemorate the Cherokee Rifles, a Civil War battalion from the Indian Territory, which is the State of Oklahoma, today.  The Cherokee Rifles were led by Stand Waite, and were the last Confederates to lay down their arms.  Of course, this could be used with any Confederate military display or even in re-enactments.  Might be a good place to keep your Confederate money, also.
Reviewed by: Sherwin, February 15, 2019

Review of: Union Enlisted Cavalry Shell Jacket

The Jacket is nice,  made well, but cut for small people. I wear size large. I had to order a 2xl  for it to fit properly. It is good quality and nice looking uniform jacket.
Reviewed by: ANDREW, January 18, 2019

Review of: Civil War Fireman's Shirt

Love this even more than the blue!! I wish you offered more colors!! I'd buy them---one at a time. Looks good w/my Marshal badge
Reviewed by: Bones, July 31, 2017

Review of: Civil War Pocket Map Case - CSA

It is nice but small for maps, maybe for sections of maps. small enough to put in pockets. Very good and solid.
Reviewed by: Pedro, July 10, 2017

Review of: Solid Copper Soup Mug

As advertised very good quality. Purchased two of these as a gift,now I want another for myself
Reviewed by: mike, December 09, 2016

Review of: Frontier Shirt

The Frontier Shirt is a Very nice Well Made item. the stitching and seams were well done and I like the all cotton fabric.  If you buy one of these shirts I believe you will be pleased with this product.
Reviewed by: Bryan, October 18, 2016