Civil War Swords & Other Weapons

The American Civil War started with old-fashioned infantry charges and cavalry attacks, but ended with weapons of great firepower and mass destruction. Weapons used in the War Between the States ranged from guns, knives and swords for personal combat to large cannons for battlefield combat. Read more about the Civil War in our learning center.

AtlantaCutlery brings to you a wide collection of American Civil War Swords, Guns and other weapons.

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Le Mat Confederate Pistol

This revolver, a favorite of Confederate troops, featured nine .41 caliber bullets and one 20 gauge, single barrel firing a slug. Non-firing.

Model 1850 Foot Officer's Sword

This sword has a tempered high carbon steel blade etched with the letters "US", a floral pattern, branches and scrolls. The solid brass guard and hilt also displays a floral design.Comes with a blackened metal scabbard with correct brass mounts.

Model 1850 Union Staff & Field Officer's Sword

Finely etched and ornamented, reproduction sword from the civil war era has a hand-forged blade. Leather handle is wire wrapped.

Model 1860 Union Cavalry Officer's Saber

This saber features hand forged blade with wire wrapped, leather handle. The 3-branch brass guard and pommel are hand-chased and engraved. Comes with steel scabbard. Overall 39 inches.

Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber

This saber has a full tang 1065 high carbon steel blade. The grip is black leather with a twisted brass wire wrap. This sword has a cast brass guard, with both CSA and Nashville Plow Works cast in block letters on the underside of the guard. The brass pommel and back strap are of one piece. The scabbard is blackened steel with brass mounts.

Philadelphia Derringer Dummy Gun

Infamously used by J. W. Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln and made famous by riverboat gamblers and “shady” ladies of the evening in the early to mid 1800’s… personal protection in an easy to conceal package. Our wood and metal reproduction features a hammer that cocks and a trigger that works… but it can never fire.

Springfield Civil War Socket Bayonet

This Springfield Civil War Socket Bayonet is one of the many quality Civil War re-enactment blades and other weapons that we carry.

US 1860 Naval Cutlass

This Naval Cutlass Sword is hand-forged, British military spec, high carbon steel blade. Comes with a leather frog and scabbard. Overall 31-1/2 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: 1859 Sharps Civil War Carbine

First I hate that price drop after my purchase however I am guessing it's to offset the dagger. That being said

The replica yesterday it looks like my reenactment sharps. The only thing it would make it better would be if they made one that looks antique.

This will look good in my display case
Reviewed by: arthur, November 22, 2018

Review of: 1840 Non Commissioned Sword

An excellent functional version of the Army NCO Sword. Not fancy, but fully functional and might be used for ceremonial purposes.
Reviewed by: William, September 13, 2018

Review of: 1840 Non Commissioned Sword

This sword is an amazing weapon. Well balanced, and engraved beautifully. A solid weapon, and a good buy.
Reviewed by: Cashel, October 01, 2016

Review of: 1840 Non Commissioned Sword

I ordered this sword over Memorial Day weekend.  Delivery was prompt, sword was well packaged and arrived safely.  Quality, fit and finish is top notch.  I wanted initials engraved, but couldn't get this option to work (ordering from smart phone).  Listed 8n the comments section instead, and your staff took care of it.  Thanks for great service and a nice product.
Reviewed by: Rodney, June 08, 2015

Review of: 1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet

This was my second order, and as the
first was shipped out fast and
in excellent condition.
Reviewed by: trinidad, June 08, 2015

Review of: 1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet

Good looking replica.
Reviewed by: William, December 10, 2014

Review of: 1840 Non Commissioned Sword

Great product for practice sword ceremonies. Great for presentation for retiring NCO's
Reviewed by: Machell, April 26, 2014

Review of: 1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet

Beautiful blade and scabbard for a great price.  It even fits my original civilian model Snider-Enfield breech loading rifle.
Reviewed by: Robert, February 19, 2014

Review of: 1840 Non Commissioned Sword

What a beautiful sword! battle ready too, customer service was amazing, asked to get it "extra sharp" because I paid for the service and they obliged no problem.
Reviewed by: Fabian, February 02, 2013

Review of: 1840 Non Commissioned Sword

Great sword, have orderd 15 to date! Will continue to order for Cadre at our Academy
Reviewed by: jerome, August 10, 2010