American Frontier Knives & Swords

Literally carving out the West and at home in the East, you'll find out what it was like to carry weapons of a soldier, officer, gambler or everyday civilian.

  • Primitive Bowie Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Primitive Bowie Knife

    # 400884

    This knife has a high carbon steel blade that arrives sharpened from the factory. Features a hardwood grip, a brass guard, and a brass strip on the spine. Overall 18-1/2 inches. Includes leather sheath.  Early Bowie knives were large, tough and...
  • Mexican Bowie Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Mexican Bowie Knife

    # 403527

    This uniquely shaped Mexican Bowie sports a 1085 high carbon steel, hand-forged blade, solid brass finger guard and bolster with solid wood handle. Includes top grain leather belt sheath with embossing. Arrives sharpened from the factory.   One of...
  • Arkansas Toothpick Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Arkansas Toothpick Knife

    # 400260

    This is a classic design that is as functional as it is good looking. Rugged and solid in the hand, the coffin-shaped hardwood handle is accented with solid brass furniture. A must for every re-enactor or collector of American history. Arrives sharpened...
  • Large Deer Antler Obsidian Knife

    Dale Duby Obsidian Knives

    Large Deer Antler Obsidian Knife

    # 404429

    This knife is handcrafted in naturally occurring materials. The blades are attached using sinew. Each knife has a primitive style bear paw etched in the end and is one of a kind.  This Natural Deer Antler Obsidian Blade Knife is handmade by master...

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