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Asia comes alive with katana's, War Swords, tanto's and accessories to help you capture that unique Asian feel.

  • Practical Pro Elite Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei Full Blade and Saya

    CAS Hanwei

    Practical Pro Elite Katana

    # 501332

    The Practical Pro Elite Katana from Hanwei has an extended tsuka and a thicker and longer 29” Performance Series blade with a finer polish when compared to others in the Practical series. Designed for multiple cuts in normal targets, the blade of...
  • Golden Oriole Wakizashi

    CAS Hanwei

    Golden Oriole Wakizashi

    # 501257

    Complete your Golden Oriole set with this beautiful wakizashi. Deeply lacquered blue saya stands out against the tsuba depicting a natural scene.  The Golden Oriole Wakizashi tells a story with a lesson in its furniture. On the tsuba, you can see a...
  • Jade Lion Gim Sword

    Cold Steel

    Jade Lion Gim Sword

    # 501388

    The Lion Gim is a civilian self-defense Wen Jian (Scholar's Sword) with a hand forged, Damascus steel blade. Heavy guard and pommel are cast in nickel-sliver with jade green cord wrapped handles. Matching rosewood scabbards covered with polished samé...
  • Imperial Katana

    Cold Steel

    Imperial Katana

    # 501251

    This Japanese Katana sword uses only traditional materials for fittings that been crafted in nickel-silver brass. Features a fully sharpened, hand-polished 1055 carbon steel blade, heat treated to a spring temper. Comes with black lacquered scabbard and...
  • Dragonfly Katana

    Cold Steel

    Dragonfly Katana

    # 501248

    The Cold Steel Dragonfly Series is perfectly suited for the modern warrior who has grown to be a substantially taller version of his historical counterpart. This line of Japanese swords features thicker, wider, and heavier blades. This katana has a...

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