Bayonets were designed to give the close-quarters combatant a tactical edge with longer reach. Traditionally used on the end of a rifle, there were many designs adopted over the years. From the early, simple plug bayonet (which made it impossible to also fire your gun), to modern representations that no longer pose any hurdle in firing. Size also changed as one-on-one combat became less a part of a battle plan after WWI. From the size of short swords to more manageable combat knives which serve utilitarian purposes, the advent of newer, better firearms made has made them almost obsolete. Almost. Lee Enfields, M1 Garands, and AK 47’s, along with other famous guns, were issued a variant, and many are still in use today, making them highly sought-after collectibles. Although the fighting style has changed, the function and use of today’s bayonets as combat knives are still effective in the field and look intimidating on parade.

Today the bayonet is rarely used in one-on-one combat, thanks to the effectiveness of firearms. The complexity of using a bayonet and the low stopping power of a single bayonet thrust makes it impractical. In modern combat, it's more efficient to put an enemy down with technology and firearms than with a bayonet. Despite its limitations, the bayonet is still issued by many armies. Additionally, the bayonet is still used for controlling prisoners and as a weapon of self-defense, and for utilitarian purposes in camp. Some even claim that training with one teaches a valuable level of aggression on the battlefield.

Current bayonets are often multi-purpose knives, such as the US M9 bayonet, an efficient fighting knife, or the Soviet AKM bayonet, which is also a groundbreaking survival knife that can be used as a wire-cutter. Some bayonets can also be used as utility knives, bottle openers, or throwing knives. There is also the obvious financial benefit of issuing one multi-purpose bayonet/knife as opposed to multiple knives to confuse and burden today’s soldiers.

We feature bayonet replicas, genuine military surplus bayonets, german bayonets, British bayonets, army surplus bayonets for sale, and accessories like hard-to-find scabbards and frogs to carry them accurately. 

  • British East India Company Model F Musket Bayonet

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    British East India Company Model F Musket Bayonet

    # 720060

    This is a replica of a bayonet carried by the Sepoy Infantry in both the Indian Sikh Wars, of 1845/6 and 1848/9 and later in the Great Sepoy Rebellion (Indian Mutiny of 1857-58). The socket is specially designed to encircle the Model "F" bayonet stud...
  • 1907 Bayonet with Hooked Quillion & Sheath

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    1907 Bayonet with Hooked Quillion & Sheath

    # 600851

    The blade, which includes British markings, is made from high carbon steel properly tempered for holding a razor edge. All metal has been deeply blued and the wood grips have a rubbed oil appearance.  This is a reproduction SMLE No. 1, Mk III early...
  • 1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet

    # 600236

    This bayonet was designed for 1853 three band Enfield long rifle includes a brass mounted leather scabbard. Overall 20-1/2 inches.   Attached to a rifle, this bayonet gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. Forged from mild steel...
  • 1841 Sappers and Miners Sword Bayonet Replica

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    1841 Sappers and Miners Sword Bayonet Replica

    # 601062

    This is the P-1841 Sappers and Miner's Bayonet for use with the short Percussion (or Flintlock converted) Musket issued to Specialized troops. Forged steel. Overall 27-1/2" inches.  This is the P-1841 Sappers and Miner's Bayonet for use with the...

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