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James Bowie created a legend about himself and the knife he used in a hand-to-hand fight in Mississippi in 1827. What that knife looked like was soon lost, but the legend continued to grow. Bowie knives were in high demand, worn at the sides of members of Congress as well as ne'er-do-wells. The authentic Bowies by Windlass Steelcrafts are from America's past and hand-forged from well-tempered steel to take and hold a razor edge. Most come with a leather sheath. Find great Bowies from Cold Steel and other great knife makers too!


  • Laredo Bowie - High Carbon Steel

    Cold Steel

    Laredo Bowie - High Carbon Steel

    # 404698

    Cold Steel's Laredo Bowie features a long, heavy blade made from CPM-3V high carbon steel, which is precision ground and heat-treated to produce incredible cutting power and perfect balance. It has a clip point blade and a rich, polished black micarta...

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