Cold Steel

Good looks are important, in knives as much as in life! Perfect fits, clean lines, precise grinds and beautiful polishes all add value and satisfaction when you buy a knife. Often, the true beauty of a knife only becomes apparent when the knife is used.

At Cold Steel®, they believe that all of their knives must perform. They insist all of their knives deliver extraordinary performance for their asking price — “they must deliver their money’s worth”.

In order to achieve this goal, they are vitally interested in all the elements that are critical to performance. When it comes to the blade, these include profile, thickness, blade geometry, edge geometry, steel and heat treatment. Every one of these factors is studied in minute detail to arrive at the optimum combination for a specific use. If the knife is a folder, they concentrate on the locking mechanism to ensure the strongest, safest construction. For handles, they strive to develop the perfect mix of materials and ergonomics to offer the most comfortable secure grip available. Above all, they TEST what they make! Rigorous testing is the only way to ensure they get the level of performance they demand. Cold Steel knives represent real, solid value for the money backed by their guarantee of complete satisfaction.

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Special Forces Shovel

The Special Forces Shovel is modeled after the original Soviet Spetznaz shovel. The shovel head and socket are forged from medium carbon steel, then heat-treated for maximum strength. The edges come sharpened to a utility / axe edge that can easily be improved to razor sharpness.


African Walking Stick

Cold Steel African Walking Stick is made of black Polypropylene. Features an undulating shaft, and the traditional geodesic ball grip. Overall 37 inches.

Pocket Shark

This permanent marker is virtually unbreakable. Made from a high impact polymer and featuring walls that are 4 times thicker than conventional markers. Overall 6-1/2 inches.

Gunstock War Club

This Gun Stock shaped club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene with a realistic wood grain finish. Includes features like the ridged centerline, sharp point, and the classic "Fawn's Foot" handle. Overall Length 29-1/2 inches.

Indian War Club

This ball headed club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene. Approximately 2 ft. long, it features a 3-1/4" in diameter ball fitted with a removable, short steel spike.

Samburu Spear 7'

The Samburu Spear breaks down into three components: 1. The leaf shaped spear head, which is permanently welded to a 3/8" thick steel shaft. 2. The counter balancing butt spike (or shoe) used as an alternate point for practice throwing, preserving the actual spear blade itself for more serious work. 3. The black, hardwood handle with double taper connecting the head and shoe.

Assegai Spear with Short Shaft

The Assagi Spear was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800's and revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa. This Cold Steel version has an American Ash handle and includes Secure-Ex® Sheath.

Assegai Spear with Long Shaft

The Assagi Spear was used by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800's, it revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa. This Cold Steel version has an American Ash handle. Includes Secure-Ex® Sheath.