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P-08 German Luger Naval Parabellum Non-Firing Replica with Wood Grips

This is a non firing Denix Naval replica that has wood grips and realistic action. Also available with black grips.

P-08 German Luger Parabellum Non-Firing Replica with Wood Grips

Non-firing P-08 German Luger pistol replica has wood grips and realistic action.

Pepper Box Replica Revolver

Designed in the 1830’s, the Pepper Box revolver was the ultimate choice for rapid-fire, close range personal defense. Our replica functions just like the originals (except it cannot fire), pull the trigger and the hammer snaps and the barrels rotate. Used up through the American Civil War primarily by civilians on both sides of the law. Made from steel, brass and wood, about 8-1/2" long. Weighs 2 lbs 1 oz.

Philadelphia Derringer Dummy Gun

Infamously used by J. W. Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln and made famous by riverboat gamblers and “shady” ladies of the evening in the early to mid 1800’s… personal protection in an easy to conceal package. Our wood and metal reproduction features a hammer that cocks and a trigger that works… but it can never fire.

Pistole 08 German Luger Lange Artillery Non-Firing Replica with Black Grips

This is a non firing German Luger Lange Artillery replica with black grips and realistic action. It is 13-3/4 inches long.

Replacement Stick Mag


Round Drum Magazine


Russian WWII Makarav

Non-firing pistol replica of the Russian WWII Makarav. It remained in service with Soviet military and police until the end of the U.S.S.R. in 1991. Still used for military, police and homeland defense training. Durable black finish, handcrafted in Spain using quality metals.