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Leather Dress Sword Guard

This Leather Sword Guard can be used with the Army NCO Sword, West Point sword, Air Force sword, Air Force Academy sword, or Army Academy/Honor Guard sword.

US Army Officers Saber Chain

This is a regulation stainless steel Army Officers saber chain.

Air Force Belt

This Air Force Belt has a silver colored buckle with the "Hap" Arnold design. One size, adjustable up to 52".

Marine Sword Sling

This Marine Sword Sling is made to military specifications.

USMC Sword Knot

Our black leather sword knots have a braided loop with a leather slide, and are made to the USMC's exact specifications.

Sword Knot, Officer’s, Gold

This Gold Officer’s Sword Knot is made to military specifications.

Porvair Garrison Belt

This Porvair Garrison Belt is made of synthetic leather and comes in sizes 28", 40" and 44".
$39.95 $22.95

Navy Officer’s Brass Buckle

Military Surplus, this new Navy Officer’s Buckle is made of brass.
$19.95 $9.95

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: US Navy Commemorative Wall Plaque

Too bad they used the crossed anchor instead of single horizonal anchor.  This is for commissioned officers, not the general enlisted population.  Being a senior NCO it would not be proper for be to buy this one.
Reviewed by: Rich, December 10, 2021

Review of: Leather Dress Sword Guard

This sword guard easily fits the enlisted personnel belt and holds the NCO sword nicely.  I like this guard better than the saber guard due to the loseness of the saber chains.  Some may find the saber chains easier for some command movements though.  I like the closer fit of the leather guard.
Reviewed by: Jay, June 12, 2020

Review of: Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

I purchased this belt many months ago for a historic naval officer's kit and am very pleased.  It fits well, serves well and looks great.  
Because I am a very short guy I did have to make some alterations but that was easily done and such a necessity should not keep anyone from making this purchase.
Reviewed by: Thomas J, April 10, 2020

Review of: Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

Looks great, authentic to original appearance.  Only problem is that the clips on the slings are too small for some of the original sword sling rings.  My sword is about 80 years old, carried by my father and me.  The old belt shrank in the dark closet.  Will have to adjust/modify the clips to fit for use.
Reviewed by: Claude, August 30, 2019

Review of: US Army Officers Saber Chain

The Saber hanger was very nice, strong and good quality. Was very appealing and good for the price.
Reviewed by: ANDREW, February 10, 2019

Review of: Sword Knot, Officer’s, Gold

The sword knot accompanies the Sword and is well made.
Reviewed by: ANDREW, January 22, 2019

Review of: US Navy Commemorative Wall Plaque

Finish and detail are all very good, very happy with the purchase.
Reviewed by: , November 03, 2018

Review of: White Leather Gloves

Perfect for my wedding.
Reviewed by: Mark, August 11, 2017

Review of: Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

This quality of this item is superb!
Reviewed by: Billy, November 19, 2015

Review of: Leather Dress Sword Guard

Great workmanship, works with my 1840 Army NCO sword. Fits my Enlisted ceremonial belt. I use it for honor guard duty
Reviewed by: Machell, January 04, 2015