Daggers & Stilettos

Daggers are most likely the predecessor to the sword. Historically they were usually double edged and used to deliver quick, lethal strokes. Their small size made it perfect for those more nefarious types. Stilettos, from the Latin stilus for stake, were used more for stabbing rather than cutting. The long narrow blade tapers to a point. AtlantaCutlery.com carries a wide assortment of quality daggers.

  • German WWII Trench Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    German WWII Trench Knife

    # 402708

    This full tang WWII replica knife features a hardwood grip. Black finished metal sheath included. Overall 10-5/8 inches.  This is a quality reproduction German WWII Trench Knife with full tang. Hardwood grips are pinned in place. Worn on a belt or...
  • French Model 1833 Naval Boarding Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French Model 1833 Naval Boarding Knife

    # 420022

    This faithful reproduction has all the attributes of the original: a triangular, carbon steel blade that's hollow-ground on all three sides, a double branch brass guard, and a tapered wooden grip with a lanyard ring on the butt. Includes replica steel...
  • CRKT Shrill™ Tactical Boot Knife

    Columbia River Knife & Tool

    CRKT Shrill™ Tactical Boot Knife

    # 404713

    You’re asked to work in all conditions. You should expect the same from your knife. That’s why the Shrill™ features a versatile dual-edged design with a lightweight blade. If it weren’t clipped to your boot, you might not even know it’s there.  This...
  • Foreign Legion Paratroopers Knife

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Foreign Legion Paratroopers Knife

    # 420017

    Our WWII Foreign Legion Paratroopers Knife has an aluminum grenade-style handle and paratrooper markings on the sharp, blackened high carbon steel blade.  At a recent auction, we came across an original and rare variant of the Fairbairn-Sykes...
  • Stag Horn & Damascus Hunting Dagger

    Stag Horn & Damascus Hunting Dagger

    # 404446

    This Damascus steel, double-edged dagger has a stunning stag horn handle. The crossguard and pommel are solid brass. Includes leather scabbard.  This is a beautiful Damascus for show or utility. The intricately patterned Damascus blade has a double...
  • SS M33 WWII Dagger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    SS M33 WWII Dagger

    # 403620

    A museum quality dagger made of high quality 1075 carbon steel. Comes with black wood grip and steel scabbard. Overall 13-5/8 inches.   This museum quality dagger is based directly on an original of the era. All materials have been researched and...
  • FGX Tai Pan

    Cold Steel

    FGX Tai Pan

    # 403329

    Made from Grivory, the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic, these knives are UV and heat stabilized, making them impervious to the elements. The FGX Tai Pan Knife is light enough to be tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere. Overall 13" long...
  • FGX Skean Dhu

    Cold Steel

    FGX Skean Dhu

    # 403328

    This light weight Sgian Dubh Black knife is made from Grivory, unique handle is checkered Kraton that has been molded directly to the blade tang. Overall 7-3/4 inches.  Black as a moonless night, silent as the grave… these are the qualities that...

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