Daggers & Stilettos

Daggers are most likely the predecessor to the sword. Historically they were usually double edged and used to deliver quick, lethal strokes. Their small size made it perfect for those more nefarious types. Stilettos, from the Latin stilus for stake, were used more for stabbing rather than cutting. The long narrow blade tapers to a point. AtlantaCutlery.com carries a wide assortment of quality daggers.

  • Citadel TTY Dagger with DNH7 high carbon steel blade and Palisander handle

    Citadel Knives and Swords

    Citadel TTY Dagger with Palisander Handle

    # 404689

    A handmade dagger that embodies function and versatility. Built to be extra tough; you can tie it to the end of a staff to use it as a boar hunting knife. The 7-½” hand forged and differentially hardened DNH7 features a sloping central...

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