Medieval Swords & Daggers

Knights of the Middle Ages carried a wide range of swords and weapons. 

  • Legacy Arms Knight's Riding Sword Full Blade

    Legacy Arms

    Legacy Arms Knight's Riding Sword

    # 501859

    According to Ewart Oakeshott. "Records of the Medieval Sword", page 151;An identical one is shown on two early 14th century effigies in Germany. (i), of Arnold I Langraph of Cleve, + 1320 in Stiftskirche at Cleve, and (ii), of one of the hero-figures, c...
  • Kingston Arms Sport Feder for HEMA Blade

    Kingston Arms

    Kingston Arms Sport Feder - HEMA Sparring Longsword

    # 501857

    The Kingston Arms Sport Feder is an answer to the clubs, beginners and even seasoned practitioners that want a light, fast, safe and affordable sparring sword for HEMA longsword sparring. This federschwert was designed to be safe in the thrust by flexing...
  • Faithkeeper Dagger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Faithkeeper - Dagger of the Knights Templar

    # 404501

    This Dagger is a companion to the Faith keeper Sword, The high-carbon steel diamond cross-section blade on this dagger has a pierced cross of the Knights Templar at its ricasso. The pommel features a reversed inset image of the Signet of the Knights...
  • Early Scottish Dirk

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Early Scottish Dirk

    # 400508

    This replica of an early dirk features a 1075 high carbon steel blade. Hardwood handle carved with a chevron style pattern copied from an original of circa 1550. Scabbard included. Overall length 21 inches. Comes factory sharp.   Circa 1550 This...
  • Bonny Scottish Dirk

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Bonny Scottish Dirk

    # 400806

    This dirk features a sharp 1080 high carbon steel blade with a 5" false edge, and etchings of traditional Scottish foliage & thistle motifs on both sides, and a knurled pattern on the backside. Carved black wooden handle with nickel silver tacks...
  • Accolade Dagger of the Knights Templar

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    The Accolade Dagger of the Knights Templar

    # 404335

    This medieval dagger has a high carbon steel blade with the seal of the Knights Templar on the ricasso. The pommel has an inlaid cross and all hardware on the cross-guard and pommel have been plated in sterling silver. Comes factory sharp.   This...
  • Bramham Moor Dagger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Bramham Moor Dagger

    # 404485

    This long dagger has an unpolished stained wood grip and low-sheen brass fittings. The brown leather scabbard complements the dagger fittings with a brass chape and throat with a roaring lion's head belt hook, befitting a nobleman. Comes factory sharp...
  • Battlecry Crecy War Dagger

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Crecy War Dagger

    # 404231

    The double-edged War Dagger has a 1065 high carbon steel blade tempered to a low 50s RC. Battle-hardened finish with a blue patina and peened full tang. Matching scabbard, and certificate of authenticity included. Overall length 15 inches.   The...

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