Medieval Swords & Daggers

Knights of the Middle Ages carried a wide range of swords and weapons. 

  • Scottish Claymore - Brown Handle by Kingston Arms Full Blade

    Kingston Arms

    Kingston Arms Scottish Claymore - Brown

    # 501858

    Mainstay of the Highland warriors during the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore sword had a uniquely styled hilt, which set it apart from other great swords of the period. Typical of longsword length, this versatile weapon could deliver great...
  • Sword of Robert the Bruce

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Sword of Robert the Bruce

    # 501495

    This sword has a 1080 high carbon steel blade. The pommel features the Cross of St. Andrew. Black leather-wrapped grip. Includes scabbard with sword belt. Overall: 43-1/2 inches. Comes factory sharp.   Circa 1300As seen in the film Robert the...
  • Battlecry Agincourt War Sword

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Agincourt War Sword

    # 501506

    This hand-and-half sword is a slender, light, and agile weapon. It has a blackened, high carbon steel battle-ready blade that comes sharp. Includes a leather belt frog and scabbard with belt stop. Overall 39 inches.  Filling an under-served niche...
  • Battlecry Acre Crusader Broadsword

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Acre Crusader Broadsword

    # 501509

    This medieval Broadsword is pre-sharpened, made from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened, battle-hardened finish. Includes matching scabbard with a belt stop, and certificate of authenticity. Overall 39-1/4 inches.  This medieval Acre Crusader...
  • Windlass Oakeshott Type XIV

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Windlass Oakeshott Type XIV

    # 500972

    This medieval arming sword features a blade that swells slightly at the top to put more weight in the hand to improve its cut and thrust capabilities, making for a very fast sword. Arrives sharpened from the factory.  Circa 1300 This medieval arming...
  • Windlass Classic Bastard Sword

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Windlass Classic Bastard Sword

    # 501510

    This hand and half sword can easily accommodate two hands. Large, but amazingly light and well balanced, this high carbon steel sword has a darkened pommel and cross guard. Arrives sharpened from the factory.  Circa 15th Century Brought back by...

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