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DENIX is the leading manufacturer of high quality replica weapons, making safe and reliable non firing rifles, pistols and guns. Manufacturing since 1967 in the Balearic islands, Spain, they produce replicas of weapons that led the modern age. 

Spanning from the antiquities to medieval Europe, the adventures of pirates, the Renaissance and French Revolution, the discovery of America, conquest of the American West, the American Civil War and the first and second World War, these high quality replicas are safe replicas of the historical weapons that have helped shape our world.
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P-08 German Luger Naval Parabellum Non-Firing Replica with Wood Grips

This is a non firing Denix Naval replica that has wood grips and realistic action. Also available with black grips.

P-08 German Luger Naval Parabellum Non-Firing Replica with Black Grips

This non firing German Luger Naval replica has black grips and realistic action.

P-08 German Luger Parabellum Non-Firing Replica with Wood Grips

Non-firing P-08 German Luger pistol replica has wood grips and realistic action.

US M16 A1 Rifle

A very good replica and important collectible in U. S. firearms history, this non-firing rifle has a removable magazine and working trigger mechanism.

Napoleonic Double Barrel Flintlock

Replica of the 1806 Gribeauval is hand-carved, real wood stock and solid, cast metal parts. This massive double barrel flintlock is a must for collectors.

P-08 Artillery Luger Non-Firing Replica

Full metal non-firing replica based on an original German Luger Pistol. Cocking mechanism and trigger work and magazine ejects. Real wood grips.

STG 44 Non-Firing Replica Gun with Sling

This non-firing replica of the STG 44 assault rifle looks and feels exactly like the real thing. Solid metal parts and real wood stock. Features removable magazine and functional trigger/bolt.

Model 1869 Schofield Style Old West Revolver - Nickel

This non-firing replica of the 1869 First Model American Army revolver has the original's single-action mechanism and top break loading mechanism. Shiny nickel-silver finish. This gun has a great association with the Cowboy era of the American West.