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Folding Knives

Folding blades and folding knives are the most common knives to carry today for their ease of use and convenient carry. Folding blades perform nearly any task and are easily deployed in high stress situations.

A folding knife uses a pivot, allowing the blade to fold into the handle for light, easy carry. To prevent injury through the blade accidentally closing on the user's hand, folding knives typically have a locking mechanism. Different locking mechanisms are favored by various individuals for reasons such as perceived strength (lock safety), legality, and ease of use.

In the lock back, as in many folding knives, a stop pin acting on the top (or behind) the blade prevents it from rotating. To release the knife the rocker bar is pushed downwards.

The bolt in the bolt lock uses a spring which biases the bolt to the forward position where it rests above the tang of the blade preventing the blade from closing. Small knobs extend through the handle allow the user to slide the bolt backwards freeing the knife to close. 

In the liner lock, an "L"-shaped split in the liner allows part of it to move sideways against the handle to the centre of the knife where it rests against the flat end of the tang. To disengage, this leaf spring is pushed aside so it again rests flush against the handle allowing the knife to close. A frame lock is nearly identical but instead of using a thin liner inside the handle material uses a thicker piece of metal that makes up the handle.

Another prominent feature on many folding knives is the opening mechanism. Traditional pocket knives and Swiss Army knives commonly employ the nail nick, while modern folding knives more often use a stud, hole, disk, or flipper located on the blade, all which have the benefit of allowing the user to open the knife with one hand.

We carry many brands of folding blades and folding knives from Windlass Cobra SteelCold SteelGerber, KershawBoker, Spyderco and American Buffalo Knife & Tool.

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Rattler 2 Blade Trapper Folder

This Roper pocket knife has 2 hand-finished, 1065 high carbon steel blades, nickel silver bolsters, brass liners, and real jigged bone scale

Stockman High Carbon Steel 3 Knife Folder

This Roper pocket knife has 3 hand-finished, 1065 high carbon steel blades, nickel silver bolsters, brass liners, and real jigged bone scales.

M48 Warthawg Pocket Knife

The M48 Warthawg Pocket Knife is everything that you’re looking for in a workhorse everyday carry, especially if every day is a tactical mission.


Roper Tombstone Damascus Stockman's Pocket Knife

This tried-and-true knife pattern is as familiar as an old pick-up truck but way more eye-catching. The blades are legendary 57 layer Damascus, and the red jigged bone handles are uniquely adorned with a zigzag texture.

Cattleman Stockyard Rosewood Lockback Folder

This traditional pocket knife has a partially serrated 3CR13 stainless steel blade for stubborn materials like rope and cardboard. The handle is constructed with stainless steel bolsters and liners, with beautiful rosewood inserts and brass pins.

Cattleman Deuce Lockback Folder

All stainless steel (except for the inlaid solid brass steer head) from end to end, this stout-feeling pocket knife is designed to prevent rust. A large thumb-hole provides easy one-hand opening, and a thumb-rest gives extra leverage.

Clover Wood Damascus Doctor's Knife

This Damascus blade pocket knife has brass liners with integral bolsters that are jimped all the way around. The clover wood scales are laser filigreed with a spray of roses.

Boker Magnum Shiny EDC

This sleek pocket knife has a handsomely chiseled stainless steel handle with a polished, 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade for durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The time-tested slip-joint solidly locks the blade in the open position and is dead reliable.