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Czech Military Surplus Medical Bag

This Czech military surplus medical bag is a cool collectible and a practical accessory. Rubberized to be weatherproof from the elements, it has variously sized dividers inside to help organize your stuff. Genuine military surplus, the Red Cross emblem on the front flap identified the wearer as medical personnel.

KA-BAR Emergency Whistles

This set of 2 KA-BAR emergency whistles can easily be put on key chains, zipper pulls, backpacks or worn like a charm around the neck. Each delivers approximately 100 decibels of sound in any weather. Made in the USA .

Outdoor Element Firebiner with Spartan Fire

This incredible carabiner has a host of design features making it an indispensable part of your gear. It incorporates an EverSpark fire wheel, safety utility blade which works great on fishing line and cordage, strong, corrosion-resistant 100 lb load (for gear, not people) stainless steel body, flathead screwdriver, hang slots, bottle opener, stainless steel wire gate, and the mini Ferro rod is replaceable (includes 2 extra)..


WWII Lady Luck Metal Sign

Lady Luck was one of the most famous illustrations painted on the front of our bombers during World War II. This great poster has been beautifully reproduced on a small tin sign.

Old West Wanted Posters 12 Sheet Set

This 12 poster set of replica Old West Wanted, Reward & Warning signs features legends likes Butch Cassidy, Jesse James, Sam & Belle Starr, the Sundance Kid and Billy the Kid, all on quality parchment paper.

Silent Salute Kneeling Soldier Statue

A commemorative, but solemn reminder of all who have sacrificed their lives in our armed services. The kneeling soldier statue is crafted of cast resin with a bronze finish.

KA-BAR Trail Blaze Playing Cards

These KA-BAR trailblazing playing cards are water (and other beverage) resistant. The poker sized playing cards double as trail markers, letting you blaze your own trails.

RC Mini Battleship

Patrol the vast seas! Defend the homeland against interlopers! Send that goofy rubber duckie back to the toy box! This little ship is one of the smallest remote control battleships in the world and is easy enough to operate for kids as young as 8 years old. This 2 channel mini battleship is highly detailed and even has a tiny (non-working) helicopter on the helipad. Durable plastic construction with rechargeable battery pack .


Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Buckshot Folder

Unique blade shape, feel great in hand, carry it often
Reviewed by: Robert, October 01, 2021

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

I just received it in the mail. At first I thought it wouldn't fit the sheaf. However, I used my fingers to press it open and the knife fitted right in. The belt loop is too small for my belt but I plan on fitting it to my 'Possibles Bag' strap. The only 'con' is the scales are depicted as rounded, but mine arrived with square edges. So it is harder to wield than I think it should be. A little file and sandpaper work and I should be able to custom fit it to my hand. That is of course if I can keep my wife from stealing it from me.  She may want one for herself.
Reviewed by: John, December 22, 2020

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

A little smaller then i thought. Still, a great knife to give to my young son
Reviewed by: Jeffery, February 21, 2019

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

This little dude is beautiful!  Great price, too.  Happy, happy, happy.
Reviewed by: Lowell, March 24, 2017

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

perfect for small game.
Reviewed by: frank, February 11, 2017

Review of: Eagle Folder

very high quality,coupled with your customer cant be beat.
Reviewed by: john d, September 01, 2016

Review of: Skinner File Knife

Very handsome knife. Totally sharp enough to shave right out of the box!
Reviewed by: Marvin, March 17, 2016

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

its my new neck knife for the price i,m going use a abuse it get another
Reviewed by: jeff, February 08, 2016

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

Very fine quality. I was very pleased.
Reviewed by: Ed, October 11, 2015

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

Beautiful little knife. Super sharp right out of the box. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Frank, May 18, 2015