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Barebones Hori-Hori Garden Knife

The Japanese Garden Knife, Hori Hori, roughly translates to “dig dig”. And this is a great heavy-duty, do-it-all garden knife. The broad blade has a plain edge on one side and a serrated on the other, giving you the power to cut tough stuff like rope and those hideously uncooperative bags of fertilizer, mulch, and potting soil.

Marble's Handyman's Helper II

Marble's Handyman's Helper II / Pocket Ruler is a folding knife that is a highly convenient 4" long when closed, and has a built-in ruler that folds out to 16". Get one so you'll measure up.

Rough Ryder Blue Moon Pocket Knife

Here's a classic trapper pattern pocket knife with a twist - a bone handle dyed deep blue with a crescent moon shield.

High Seas Stocking Cap

This cap is made from poly-cotton stretch fabric. One size, choose from solid red or grey stripes. Pictured outfits and accessories sold separately.

Stag Horn Bottle Opener

Handcrafted from natural antler, this beautiful bottle opener makes a fine addition to your hunting cabin or kitchen. Gently curving stag horn looks rustic and graceful at the same time.

.50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Made from a genuine, once-fired .50 caliber casing procured from the US Department of Defense! Instead of the crack of rifle fire, you'll hear a soothing pop when you crack open your favorite beverage with this bottle opener.

KA-BAR Backpack Kaster

The KA-BAR Backpack Kaster is an American-made, lightweight fishing system designed to tag along on all your outdoor adventures. Made from Ultramid®, it is comprised of three main components - the handle, head, and clamp. Watch the video to learn how to load and cast the KA-BAR® Backpack Kaster, plus pick up tips on tying a highly effective slip knot.


KA-BAR 'Za-Saw Pizza Cutter

This USA-made pizza cutter will show your pizza who's the boss! Featuring a Creamid handle and 440A stainless steel wheel.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Ozark Sumac Root Cane

Received my cane today! Love, love it! The wood is more beautiful than I expected. The handle was good sized...I was afraid it would be too short. The price was right! Fast delivery! I am very happy with my purchase!
Reviewed by: Leanne, April 15, 2022

Review of: Super Edge Neck Knife

I keep one on my keychain -- the knife stays securely in the sheath.  You approach the world differently when you always have a handy little knife at your disposal.
Reviewed by: JOSEPH, November 25, 2020

Review of: Ole Hickory Tire Thumper

Very solid and nicely made. Would not want to be the fish that gets thumped by this. If you catch my meaning...
Reviewed by: Christopher, December 07, 2019

Review of: Solid Copper Coffee Mug

I like it a great deal. I found out that it is used for cold beverages not hot beverages. I thought I could use it for hot beverages, but apparently not. However, I love the cup and I will continue to use it because I believe that it is healthy to do so.
Reviewed by: Terry, May 22, 2019

Review of: Defender Xtreme Medium Fixed Blade Hunter Knife

Well made and sharp.
Reviewed by: Mark, September 24, 2018

Review of: Ozark Sumac Root Cane

Great product ... will buy more ... I love them ...
Reviewed by: Nici, February 09, 2017

Review of: Ozark Sumac Root Cane

This is just what I expected an excellent unique cane , thank you ! DDH
Reviewed by: David, October 27, 2015

Review of: Ozark Sumac Root Cane

just arrived this morning, definitely distinctive looking, love the natural look.  i have already cut it to size, another best buy from ac
Reviewed by: jerome, January 28, 2011