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Marksman Laserhawk III Slingshot

This heavy-duty slingshot has a wrist support for maximum comfort and shooting stability. The tapered bands are the highest quality available and provide 30% greater velocity. Compatible with 1/4" and 3/4" steel shot.

Marksman Traditional Slingshot

How about a heavy-duty version of the wooden slingshots we had as kids? This is it!

Marksman 1/4" Steel Shot

For use with all Marksman slingshots, pack of 250 steel hunting shot, 1/4" diameter.

Brass and Wood Bushcraft Knife

If you like bushcraft knives with a little extra in the looks department, we think you'll like this one. The flat part of the carbon steel blade has a rough forged finish that vividly contrasts with the visible grind lines on the cutting bevels. The deep reddish-brown hardwood scales are complemented with spiraled brass wire that actually adds a couple of indentions in the handle to aid grip.

Pathfinder Bowie

This hand-forged primitive knife is reminiscent of many a handmade knife that pioneers used to forge a living in the wilderness. The wide clip point utilizes a modified scimitar profile to concentrate weight at the tip for efficient chopping. The wide angle of the tip makes it strong enough to poke through tough leather without breaking. Carbon steel blade with genuine bone scales. Made the old-fashioned way, for old-fashioned work. Leather sheath with belt loop that fits up to a 2-1/2" wide belt. At this price, the whole wagon train won't have to turn around if you accidentally leave it at the last campsite.

Bosom Dagger

This Bosom Dagger is a modern version of the knife women kept close to their hearts for emergency protection centuries ago. Women in the American west could wear boot daggers, but traditional finery left few places to hide a blade for easy retrieval. This little dagger has a full tang stainless steel blade with laminated gray wooden scales. Easy to hide, includes a leather sheath.

Black Wood Boot Dagger

Here's a stout boot dagger that's cheap enough that you can get one for each boot! This tough, basic boot dagger is solid stainless steel with full tang construction and resin impregnated, layered black and gray wood scales. These daggers are hand-made and not "machine perfect", but perfectly reliable. The leather sheath has a metal clip.

Natural Wood Knife Display Stand

Here's a display stand that won't break the bank - an all-wood, simple design that won't compete with your favorite knife for attention. Holds anything from Bowies to small custom hunting knives and everything in between. Clear coated to protect from spills. This is cheap enough to save money for another knife, then hopefully you'll buy another stand from us!

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: True Flight Thrower

Probably the best thrower I've ever had
Reviewed by: Robert, October 01, 2021

Review of: Throwing Knives - Set of 3

These are very well balanced and the perfect size. I have smaller ones that don’t stick and you have to throw them a lot harder.These work fantastic
Reviewed by: Craig, April 10, 2021

Review of: True Flight Thrower

This throwing knife from Cold Steel is an excellent throwing knife, I have 2 and I throw them often. When the cord breaks I rewrap the knife with new cord. I know many who hate having cord on their knife, but I like cord handles so I must rewrap my knives as needed. I highly recommend this throwing knife.
Reviewed by: Daniel, July 23, 2019

Review of: KA-BAR Trail Blaze Playing Cards

Nice cards.  They are made to look like they have been used in a foxhole.  A must for collectors of playing cards, yes, there are really people who do this as a hobby.  My closet is full of them.
Reviewed by: Maurice, May 22, 2019

Review of: GI Tanto Knife

Good enough to be your primary, cheap enough to have a couple as backups. Its silly not to have at least one.
Reviewed by: Guest, October 18, 2017

Review of: KA-BAR Trail Blaze Playing Cards

got 2 decks, one for me and one for a buddy. Lived up to the description. I like the aged and worn look.
Reviewed by: Thomas, December 19, 2016

Review of: Throwing Knives - Set of 3

THIS IS an outstanding well balanced throwing nife very durable just don't throw it on concrete or brick
Reviewed by: Matthew, March 24, 2012

Review of: Throwing Knives - Set of 3

Hi Thomas - The knives in this set are 8-1/2" long, while the lower priced ones are only 6-3/8" long.
Reviewed by: Atlanta Cutlery Team, November 04, 2011

Review of: Throwing Knives - Set of 3

Very well balanced and made of strong material. Love my purchase!
Reviewed by: John, April 26, 2011

Review of: Unique Triple Threat Throwing Knives

Reviewed by: Daymond, January 21, 2011