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Boy Scout Pocket Coin

This historical collectible is made of solid metal with an antique brass finish and was used in the early to mid-1900's by the Scouts.

Keysmart Key Holder

The compact Keysmart key holder creates the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist keyring. Incredibly versatile with a selection of accessories, these organizers are expandable to your needs. Holds up to 8 standard-sized keys. Choice of black, blue, or orange.



This is the classic slide-apart outdoor dining kit. Made of durable 3Cr13 stainless steel, each piece separates for the versatility of 3 separate utensils. Includes spoon, lock-back knife, fork and ballistic nylon sheath.


Wild Shot Bullet Vacuum Bottle Thermos

The Wild Shot Bullet bottle is double-wall insulated with stainless steel construction and a brass and copper finish. The superior vacuum keeps the beverage hot or cold for hours.

KA-BAR Chopsticks - 2 sets

These American made KA-BAR® Chopsticks are dishwasher safe. Made from Food and Water Safe Grilamid®, they are lightweight, strong and easy to clean.


Set of 3 Old West Wanted Poster Shot Glasses

Fake bullet holes adorn these "aged" shot glasses along with great graphics and short histories of the infamous outlaws depicted - Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp.

Grenade Mug

When you’re in the trenches of your morning, revitalize with a caffeine blast from this stylish ceramic grenade mug. A full cup will be sure to pull the pin on any bad day.

Outdoor Edge ChowLite

The ChowLite is the multi tool that makes eating easy and convenient. Features include a folding design that locks securely with a full size fork, spoon with serrated food separator, can and bottle opener and flat head screwdriver.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Buckshot Folder

Unique blade shape, feel great in hand, carry it often
Reviewed by: Robert, October 01, 2021

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

I just received it in the mail. At first I thought it wouldn't fit the sheaf. However, I used my fingers to press it open and the knife fitted right in. The belt loop is too small for my belt but I plan on fitting it to my 'Possibles Bag' strap. The only 'con' is the scales are depicted as rounded, but mine arrived with square edges. So it is harder to wield than I think it should be. A little file and sandpaper work and I should be able to custom fit it to my hand. That is of course if I can keep my wife from stealing it from me.  She may want one for herself.
Reviewed by: John, December 22, 2020

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

A little smaller then i thought. Still, a great knife to give to my young son
Reviewed by: Jeffery, February 21, 2019

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

This little dude is beautiful!  Great price, too.  Happy, happy, happy.
Reviewed by: Lowell, March 24, 2017

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

perfect for small game.
Reviewed by: frank, February 11, 2017

Review of: Eagle Folder

very high quality,coupled with your customer cant be beat.
Reviewed by: john d, September 01, 2016

Review of: Skinner File Knife

Very handsome knife. Totally sharp enough to shave right out of the box!
Reviewed by: Marvin, March 17, 2016

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

its my new neck knife for the price i,m going use a abuse it get another
Reviewed by: jeff, February 08, 2016

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

Very fine quality. I was very pleased.
Reviewed by: Ed, October 11, 2015

Review of: Medium Patch Knife

Beautiful little knife. Super sharp right out of the box. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Frank, May 18, 2015