Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Halloween is creeping up, this is the perfect opportunity to add to your outfit. 

  • Kershaw Grinder Folding Pocket Knife

    Kershaw Knives

    Kershaw Grinder Folding Pocket Knife

    # 404320

    The Grinder offers a blade is made of 4Cr13MoV steel with a glass-filled nylon handle. Features SpeedSafe® assisted opening, flipper, liner lock and a reversible pocket clip.  The Kershaw Grinder is designed to be put to work. The Grinder offers a...
  • Kershaw Folding Fillet Knife

    Kershaw Knives

    Kershaw Folding Fillet Knife

    # 404382

    This folding fillet knife is made with highly corrosion resistant steel which is ideal when you're working around water. It has just the right degree of flex to make the job of filleting fish simple.  If you like to stow your gear compactly, this...
  • KA-BAR Hobo

    KA-BAR Knives Inc

    KA-BAR Hobo

    # 801190

    This is the classic slide-apart outdoor dining kit. Made of durable 3Cr13 stainless steel, each piece separates for the versatility of 3 separate utensils. Includes spoon, lock-back knife, fork and ballistic nylon sheath.  The KA-BAR Hobo - we're...
  • KA-BAR Corser Folder

    KA-BAR Knives Inc

    KA-BAR Corser Folder

    # 404699

    The KA-BAR Corser is named for someone we knew well here at the Cutlery and we are proud to carry this knife bearing his name. USSF 5698SF has a stout tanto blade and reversible/removable pocket clip. The lockback knife has a blue GFN-PA66 hard plastic...
  • Jormungand Wrist Strap

    Jormungand Wrist Strap

    # 201623

    This beautiful adjustable leather wristband is made in England. The pewter serpent's body is engraved with Viking runes.  A child of the Norse god Loki, Jormungand, the "Midgard" or World Serpent is the greatest ouroboros. Encircling the ocean,...
  • Javelin Head

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Javelin Head

    # 600038

    Our replica javelin head has been hand-forged of tempered steel. Modeled after the deadly spears used by the light infantry of the ancient Greek Peltasts, these spearheads will fit a 7/8" wooden shaft. Overall 9 inches.  The Peltasts or light...
  • Victorian Walking Cane

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Victorian Walking Cane

    # 804711

    This beautiful walking cane has a highly detailed, black enameled hardwood shaft which has been accented with a hand-carved bone ring and topped off with actual horn.  Often mentioned throughout Victorian literature and carried by Dr. Watson in many...
  • Ironwood Walking Stick

    Ironwood Walking Stick

    # 804459

    Handmade in Texas from a very dense hardwood, American Hornbeam (also known as ironwood) each walking stick is one-of-a-kind. Features a lanyard thong and non-slip, thick rubber tip.  If a wood could be tough as nails, this Ironwood Walking Staff is...

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