Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Halloween is creeping up, this is the perfect opportunity to add to your outfit. 

  • Zelda - Link’s Shield

    United Cutlery

    Zelda - Link’s Shield

    # 805584

    Now you can own a replica of the hero's shield from your favorite fantasy series!  Product Description Now you can own a replica of the hero's shield from your favorite fantasy series! This polyresin shield features arm straps and a wall chain on...
  • Pinkerton Detective Agency Badge

    Pinkerton Detective Agency Badge

    # 804562

    This metal badge is hand made and aged to be accurate to the originals with a heavy pin back for attaching to the thick clothing of the era. Each is properly dished and deeply engraved.  This Pinkerton Detective Agency Badge is a well-made replica...
  • Multi-Use Poncho

    Multi-Use Poncho

    # 730010

    This poncho uses a design that dates back to the Civil War. The 16 brass grommets allow ties to be added so it can double as an emergency pup tent. Truly a multi-use material that packs down small for easy carry.  This poncho uses a design that...
  • Fox Fur Mantle

    Fox Fur Mantle

    # 101732

    This faux fur mantle is made of polyester and is held in place with a carved bone button and loop. Features a simple drape design. Finished on both sides.  This rich faux fox mantle can be utilized with a variety of your existing garments and capes,...
  • Fisted Walking Stick

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Fisted Walking Stick

    # 804710

    This cane is solidly constructed of wood with a black finish. The sculpted cane head is that of an ominous fist and molded in metal, which is imposing enough to ward off the toughest of criminals. Overall 36-3/4 inches.  This cane is solidly...
  • Cavalry Sword Hanger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Cavalry Sword Hanger

    # 200260

    This sword hanger has 3" long brass belt clip. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons.  This sword hanger is made to clip onto an existing belt with straps sized to the perfect length for horseback carry of...
  • Zap Stun Cane with Flashlight

    Zap Stun Cane with Flashlight

    # 802812

    This 1 million volt Zap Cane provides peace of mind for non-lethal protection. The built-in handle light brightens those dark walks. High-strength aluminum cane body with steel contact points and an insulated rubber-coated handle.  The Zap Cane is...
  • Tall Boots without Fringe

    Tall Boots without Fringe

    # 100282

    The most difficult part of completing a costume is footwear. Good for just about all periods, these Minnetonka moccasins are cut from the best glove-tanned leathers and have an all-suede finish. Perfect for faires, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort...

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