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Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Halloween is creeping up, this is the perfect opportunity to add to your outfit.

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Set of 3 Triple Layered Face Masks

These face masks are made of 100% cotton with silk thread embroidery. Lightweight and breathable, they are multi-layered and have a sleeve so you can slide an additional disposable filter into the pocket if desired. includes Viking Valknut, Crusader Shield, and Rum Storage masks.

Heavy Duty Fencing Jacket

En Garde! Durable canvas grade cotton construction and thick padding make this fencing jacket a robust companion for years of faithful service. Soft buttons are wrapped with the same canvas as the rest of the jacket with Velcro closure at the collar.

Low Suede Boots without Fringe

Perfect for rendezvous, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort, these suede boots have a 1/8" thick cushioned insole. They have a comfortable rubber sole, so you can wear them all day long.
$69.95 $44.95

Foam Bloody Metal Pipe

This lightweight foam pipe is realistically painted to look like distressed metal, complete with detailed fittings, end cap, drain plug, and blood splatters.

Foam Bloody Woodsman Axe

This bloody axe will strike fear into others! This lightweight, foam rubber axe is realistically painted with a wood grain textured handle and faux metal axe head.

Foam Pick Head Axe

This may look real but is made of dense foam rubber. This foam pick head fireman's axe is lightweight and realistically painted. It will withstand up to 80 lbs. of pressure.

Foam Bloody Bat

This bloody bat will show those Zombies you know how to swing a home run! This may look real but is made of dense foam rubber. Lightweight and realistically painted, it will withstand up to 80 lbs. of pressure.

Mad Scientist Lab Coat

This full-length white denim overcoat has large black snaps running along the neck, shoulders, wrists, and down the front. An adjustable belt and buckle on back provide a comfortable fit.

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Review of: Tall Suede Boots with Fringe

I bought these for my son, he loves them. Well made and comfortable. I've had the same pair for 20years. Well worth it.
Reviewed by: Edward, September 26, 2021