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Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Halloween is creeping up, this is the perfect opportunity to add to your outfit.

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Foam Bloody Butchers Cleaver

This blood-splattered meat cleaver will make it look like you've been busy cooking up a nightmare! It may look real, but is made of dense foam rubber! Lightweight and realistically painted, it will withstand up to 80 lbs. of pressure.

Foam Bloody Pipe Wrench

A good wrench can always be counted on to get the job done. From the looks of this blood-covered foam wrench, the problem was solved!

Foam Assassin's Creed Kukri

This Officially licensed Assassins Creed kukri may look real, but is made from dense latex foam! It is realistically painted with the Assassin's insignia of the British Brotherhood.

Low Suede Boots with Fringe

Perfect for rendezvous, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort, these suede boots have a 1/8" thick cushioned insole. They have a comfortable rubber sole, so you can wear them all day long.
$69.95 $49.95

Polyurethane Cosmic Double Glaive

This fearsome instrument looks ready to wreak havoc, but it's actually polyurethane. Firm enough to resist warpage, but soft enough for LARP style mock battle. Expertly hand-painted, the "blades" have an aged steel finish.

Night Watchman Survival Staff Walking Cane

This self-defense staff is constructed of strong, injection-molded nylon with fiber. The textured, T-grip handle gives the rock-solid hold you need. The handle is double-tipped for maximum versatility in self-defense.

Night Watchman Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick

Crafted in a traditional shillelagh design, this walking stick from United Cutlery is made in polypropylene, complete with gnarled accents to emphasize the knotty quality of genuine blackthorn wood shillelagh sticks.


Brown Leather Flying Cap

Worn by barnstormers, pilots of WWI, and not to mention a certain popular cartoon dog, this brown cowhide leather flying cap recalls the spirit of adventure from a bygone era.

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Review of: Tall Suede Boots with Fringe

I bought these for my son, he loves them. Well made and comfortable. I've had the same pair for 20years. Well worth it.
Reviewed by: Edward, September 26, 2021