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Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Halloween is creeping up, this is the perfect opportunity to add to your outfit.

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Add a Whistle with Wrist Strap

This Sassafras whistle has a wrist strap that easily replaces the standard leather wrist strap on walking staffs and canes. Add one of these hand-made shrill whistles to your walking stick, backpack, zipper pull, or key chain. Made in the USA.

Add a Compass with Wrist Strap

Add one of these compasses and never be lost again! The precise liquid-filled compass is set into a beautiful piece of hickory and fitted with a leather strap - attach it to your walking stick, backpack, zipper pull, or key chain. Made in the USA.

Scout Hickory Walking Staff

Great for ladies, kids, and scouts, this hickory staff is weatherproofed and light for the long haul. Perfect for scouts but also great as a neighborhood walking staff. A friend on the trail - you'll enjoy it for life. Made in the USA.

Hickory Spiral Cane

The tough hickory shaft of this walking cane is carved in a spiral, revealing the inner rings to create a striking contrast with the darker outer layers. It’s topped with a comfortably contoured walnut handle and the whole cane is weatherproofed. Includes leather wrist strap and rubber tip.

Gentleman’s Hickory Cane

Whether you use your stick for nighttime dog walks, urban protection, daily exercise, or orthopedic need, your trusty walking stick should be something you enjoy picking up every time you use it. Made in the USA beautifully variegated hickory is hand formed into this rustic gentleman’s cane. It has a weatherproof finish and includes a leather wrist strap.

Military Surplus Wet Weather Jacket With Hood

This Wet Weather Jacket is genuine military surplus from France. It folds into a compact little pouch.

Butterfly Wing Earrings

The jewels of the insect world - colorful butterfly wings - are encased in preserving jewelry quality acrylic, ready to enhance and enchant your look! Each wing measures about 2".

Foam Fireman’s Axe with Back Spike

This Fireman’s Axe may look real, but is made of soft, friendly foam rubber! It is realistically painted and will withstand up to 80 lbs. of force.

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Review of: Tall Suede Boots with Fringe

I bought these for my son, he loves them. Well made and comfortable. I've had the same pair for 20years. Well worth it.
Reviewed by: Edward, September 26, 2021