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Atlanta Cutlery carries reproduction gun holsters, magazine pouches, belts and slings for the re-enactor and collector.

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Artillery Luger Holster with Buttstock

This high-quality reproduction Artillery Luger holster has a 14-1/4" paddle-style, satin-finished wood stock and blued steel attaching hardware. All leather is top-grain with a semi-gloss black finish, includes a dual mag pouch, shoulder strap, and cleaning rod with barrel shaped handle. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

Excellent quality reproduction of a classic.45 ACP magazine pouch.
Reviewed by: Gary, February 01, 2020

Review of: Springfield 1907 Pattern Sling with Steel Hardware

Fitted up to my rifle perfectly. A little thin but not un-exceptionable
Reviewed by: Robert, July 10, 2019

Review of: M1 Garand Sling with Brass Hardware

A little thin but, it works. Use it on my M-1  and it has not stretched out too much for being so thin.
Reviewed by: Robert, July 08, 2019

Review of: M1 Garand Sling with Brass Hardware

Beautiful! It makes my bed friend's Garand!
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, December 28, 2018

Review of: P-38 Hardshell Luger Holster German WWII AfrikaKorps

I purchased this for use as my deep woods carry holster for a 9MM S
Reviewed by: Gregory, May 19, 2018

Review of: C-96 Leather Harness & Cleaning Rod

Great quality and really nicely made.
Reviewed by: Nicholas, December 12, 2016

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

a nice dual mag  pouch. they will require a lot of breaking in to ensure that my mags slide in and out easily
Reviewed by: David, October 24, 2016

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

Needs some work but it is well made.
Reviewed by: Ken , May 21, 2015

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

The Magazine Pouch is of very high quality leather and excellently stitched and made.  Some softening/working of the leather will be needed by the customer to allow magazines to be placed and pulled from the pouch with speed and ease.  The leather is a little stiff.  
Reviewed by: Michael, May 07, 2015

Review of: M1 Carbine Leather Scabbard

Beautiful!  I have an all Winchester carbine and its going in it!
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, December 19, 2014