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AtlantaCutlery.com carries a variety of jackets for Civil War and World War re-enactors, and well as some for just plain fun.   

  • Multi-Use Poncho

    Multi-Use Poncho

    # 730010

    This poncho uses a design that dates back to the Civil War. The 16 brass grommets allow ties to be added so it can double as an emergency pup tent. Truly a multi-use material that packs down small for easy carry.  This poncho uses a design that...
  • Fox Fur Mantle

    Fox Fur Mantle

    # 101732

    This faux fur mantle is made of polyester and is held in place with a carved bone button and loop. Features a simple drape design. Finished on both sides.  This rich faux fox mantle can be utilized with a variety of your existing garments and capes,...
  • Union Officer's Round-About Jacket

    Union Officer's Round-About Jacket

    # 100906

    This authentically patterned replica Civil War jacket is made from dark blue wool and has a 9 eagle button front. Available in M, L, XL or 2XL.  This replica Civil War jacket is perfect for collectors, history buffs and re-enactors who want durable,...
  • Military Surplus Wet Weather Jacket With Hood

    Military Surplus Wet Weather Jacket With Hood

    # 750089

    This Wet Weather Jacket is genuine military surplus from France. It folds into a compact little pouch.  This Wet Weather Jacket is genuine French military surplus. The polyurethane-coated nylon is super lightweight and can be folded down and put in...

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