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AtlantaCutlery.com carries a variety of jackets for Civil War and World War re-enactors, and well as some for just plain fun.   

  • Confederate Jean Wool Jacket

    Confederate Jean Wool Jacket

    # 101145

    This Confederate Jean Wool Jacket is made from the traditional top quality jean wool and is an authentic representation of the era and perfect for any re-enactor. 100% cotton lining. Available in sizes 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50.  Matching Vest and Pants...
  • Mary Read Ladies Pirate Coat

    Mary Read Ladies Pirate Coat

    # 101016

    This Renaissance Pirate classic open coat, perfect for impersonating Mary Read or Anne Bonny, is made of wool blend with a high ultra-suede collar, ultra-suede cuffs, antique gold buttons, and a rich trim accent.  Englishwoman Mary Read is...
  • Buccaneer Coat

    Buccaneer Coat

    # 100780

    This coat is crafted of heavy wool and perfect for pirate wear. Available in grey or navy blue with period cut, bell cuffs and antiqued buttons.  The bitter cold of the English Channel will be no match for this dashing Captain's styled coat. This...
  • Caribbean Coast Pirate Coat

    Caribbean Coast Pirate Coat

    # 101757

    This pirate jacket is manufactured of lush, blue cotton velvet, sports large period cuffs and a rich brocade with buttons along the open front. Two real side pockets provide a place for your things. An adjustable rear belt with buckle allows for...
  • Mad Scientist Lab Coat

    Mad Scientist Lab Coat

    # 101739

    This full-length white denim overcoat has large black snaps running along the neck, shoulders, wrists, and down the front. An adjustable belt and buckle on back provide a comfortable fit.  This style coat was all the rage with mad scientists in...
  • M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat

    M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat

    # 730015

    The M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat is the regulation dress coat for foot soldiers including infantry, heavy artillery, engineers, hospital stewards and ordnance department. The coat is made of “Federal” navy blue wool.  The M-1861 US Enlisted Frock...

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