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Knife-Making Supplies

New to the knife-making game? Do not panic. Atlanta Cutlery is the best place to buy knife-making supplies to help you to produce a beauty!

A knife comprises of essentially four components - a blade with tang, a guard, a handle, and a pommel (optional). Sounds simple? Sometimes it can be, but for the wide range of knife-making tools and supplies available, that can seem like magic to a first-timer. Here, knife-making kits come in handy, with their direct and easy-to-understand instructions. Of course, not all knife-making kits are the same. From Bowie’s to folding knives, you’ve found the right place.

At Atlanta Cutlery, we understand the desire for custom knives. We offer a range of quality knife-making supplies, including knife-making kits, blade blanks, knife handle materials, fixed blade & folding knife-making supplies, and handle scales, which are as good as any in the market. Most of the blades in our catalog are forged from high carbon stainless steel and ensure durability on top of great style. The scales, too, come in excellent material and design and are perfect for your personal project. We recommend that you start building your custom knife and make a personal statement that can take on the wild!

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Sambar Stag Handle - 1 piece 7" Crown

Sambar stag antler has been prized for many years as an ideal medium for knife and firearm handle material. The bad news- popular demand led to a ban on exporting after poaching became an issue. The good news- We managed to procure some of these stag rounds before the ban and are legally able to offer them to you! Quantities are limited and the ban prevents us from getting more, act fast while they're available!

Durango Bowie Blade – Rough Forged Finish

Top quality knife blank made of super tough 9cr14MoV high carbon stainless steel. This Bowie has a hammered rough forged finish and arrives sharp. Overall 12-1/2 inches.

Skinner Kit

This kit includes a 400 series stainless steel blade with spine jimping, a solid brass finger guard and even a frontier style leather sheath. Just add a handle!

Laguiole Knife Kit

This is an heirloom quality knife making kit. Features high grade stainless steel blade and parts, real wood scales and brass pins/screws.

Sgian Dubh Knife Blade

This Sgian Dubh blade is made from high carbon steel which is tempered and hand filed. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Scottish Dirk Blade

This Scottish dirk blade is made from hand-forged, 1085 high carbon steel. It Rockwells between 45-55 and is nicely polished with a round tang and a 5" hand tooled pattern on the blade back.

Medium Clip Point Hunter Blade

This medium hunting blade has a clip point and is made from hand-forged, high carbon steel. Features integral finger guard, contoured full tang and Rockwells at 45-55.

Long Double Edge Dagger Blade

Long double-edged 1085 high carbon blade for your next knife making project. Overall 11-3/8 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Bone Scales - Small

These are about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. Nice scales for a small tang
Reviewed by: Daniel, June 16, 2020

Review of: Skinner Kit

Excellent blades at a great price and very fast shipment. I will definitely purchase from again!
Reviewed by: Roger, July 06, 2019

Review of: Skinner Kit

Outstanding Kit,Blade holds an Edge very well will be buying More!
Reviewed by: Steve, May 28, 2019

Review of: Durango Bowie Blade – Rough Forged Finish

Didn't know what to expect for the price. Opened the package 2 days after I placed my order and MY GOD what a beautiful blade. Ordered the toothpick for a buddy, and already shopping for my next project.  Let's be honest here, PROJECTS
Reviewed by: Chris, May 15, 2019

Review of: Durango Bowie Blade – Rough Forged Finish

Wasn't sure to expect for the price. My God what a beautiful blade!!!
Reviewed by: Chris, May 15, 2019

Review of: Skinner Kit

I bought two of these in 2016, put antler handles on them, and gave them to a grandfather/grandson that I had hunted with for years on the occasion of the grandson's graduation from college.    I just bought three more kits because they are good quality, are easy to make, and make a great gift.    Atlanta Cutlery has the best price for these kits on the internet!
Reviewed by: Garth, March 12, 2017

Review of: Skinner Kit

great little knife .can't wait to find the right deer antler to make my handle. love the color of the sheath.Should be beautiful when I'm done.
Reviewed by: HOWARD, April 02, 2016

Review of: Laguiole Knife Kit

The Laguiole Knife Kit Is an excellent starting point for someone transitioning from a fixed blade kit to a simple folder. Just this afternoon my friend and I completed two of them in about 3 hours. Tools consisted of a light ball peen hammer a small anvil(8 lbs., side cutter small files,sandpaper and some mineral oil.  The direction booklet could be improved and ends without providing finishing instructions.  Overall it is a delight to work with such a kit and if you work slowly and carefully the result is a delight to the eye and a great tool in the field.  
Reviewed by: Dennis, November 18, 2015

Review of: Skinner Kit

Sharper than most factory knives, all I have to do is put thick tape on blade to protect my fingers while I work on the handle. Parts are snug, scabbard is tight, all in all an exelant knife
Reviewed by: gary, September 06, 2015

Review of: Skinner Kit

I ordered one, built it with purple heart wood for handle material. Added a brass butt one the end. It came out so good I ordered 2 more. One is done, and another on the way. Great kit and very reasonable on the price. I worked the sheath for a long time and it softened up quite a bit.
Reviewed by: Leonard, August 21, 2015