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Knife Making Supplies

New to the knife making game? Do not panic. There are plenty of knife making supplies, online or in stores, which can help you to produce a beauty. A knife comprises essentially of four components -a blade with tang, a guard, a handle, and a pommel (optional). Sounds simple? Sometimes it can be, but for the wide range of material available, that can seem like magic to a first-timer. Here, knife making kits come in handy, with their direct and easy-to-understand instructions. Not all knife making kits are the same. From Bowie’s to folding knives you’ve found the right place. At Atlanta Cutlery, we understand the desire for custom knives. Thus, we offer a range of knife making supplies, including knife making kits, blade blanks, and handle scales, which are as good as any in the market. We carry the understated to the exotic. Most of the blades in our catalog are forged from high carbon stainless steel and ensure durability on top of great style. The scales, too, come in excellent material and design and are perfect for your personal project. We recommend that you start building your custom knife and make a personal statement that can take on the wild!

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Bone Scales - Small

These are about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. Nice scales for a small tang
Reviewed by: Daniel, June 16, 2020

Review of: Camel Bone Scales 5" x 1-1/2"

looked great, can't wait to build a knife as a rookie
Reviewed by: Chuck, July 23, 2019

Review of: Durango Bowie Blade – Rough Forged Finish

Didn't know what to expect for the price. Opened the package 2 days after I placed my order and MY GOD what a beautiful blade. Ordered the toothpick for a buddy, and already shopping for my next project.  Let's be honest here, PROJECTS
Reviewed by: Chris, May 15, 2019

Review of: Durango Bowie Blade – Rough Forged Finish

Wasn't sure to expect for the price. My God what a beautiful blade!!!
Reviewed by: Chris, May 15, 2019

Review of: Damascus Large Skinner Blade

Great Damascus blade blank.
Reviewed by: Douglas, December 10, 2018

Review of: Damascus Scimitar Blade

This Scimitar Blade blank made a wonderful knife.
Reviewed by: Douglas, December 10, 2018

Review of: Damascus Scimitar Blade

Beautiful Damascus pattern on this blade!
Reviewed by: Matt, September 19, 2018

Review of: Damascus Large Skinner Blade

Beautiful blade for the money.  Haven't made it up or sharpened it yet.  I wondered if the remainder of the tang is also Damascus .    In hafting blades I buy, I usually reduce the tang,  attach a bolt and either use a metal butt cap or embed the tang in epoxy.   A reverse curve on a skinning knife may look good but negates a lot of the curve of the cutting edge.   Look at the old and current skinning knives used by people who flay countless animals.  All use a straight grip that is a continuation of the blade  just in front of the rear end of the blade.
Reviewed by: James T, May 01, 2017

Review of: Water Buffalo Horn Scales - Black with White Marbling

i have just knife to put it on, it will look really give knife a sharp look.
Reviewed by: Ralph, December 03, 2016

Review of: Skinner Kit

I ordered one, built it with purple heart wood for handle material. Added a brass butt one the end. It came out so good I ordered 2 more. One is done, and another on the way. Great kit and very reasonable on the price. I worked the sheath for a long time and it softened up quite a bit.
Reviewed by: Leonard, August 21, 2015