Kukris & Machetes

Kukris are mid length curved knives used both as a tool and a weapon. They are regimental issue to the famous Gurkha warriors, in whose skilled hands it becomes a frightening weapon. Designed for utilitarian use as well as war, it excels at chopping, cutting and stabbing. Windlass Steelcrafts is proud to be the only official government contractor for the kukri! Also find machetes and chopping knives for camping or just clearing out your own jungle.

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  • Officer's Kukri

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Officer's Kukri

    # 400022

    This powerful chopping knife is issued to Gurkha Officers in India and is the only Kukri on the market that comes with a copy of the government contract, the ordinance drawing, and spec sheet. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts and comes factory sharp...
  • Custom Damascus Kukri

    Custom Damascus Kukri

    # 404447

    This kukri has a full tang Damascus blade and a light and dark stained olive wood handle. Custom touches like brass pins, hand jimping and brass pins and pommel nut accent this beautiful knife. Includes leather belt sheath with 2 small utility knives...
  • CRKT KUK™ Kukri Style Machete

    Columbia River Knife & Tool

    CRKT KUK™ Kukri Style Machete

    # 601150

    This full tang recurved blade means business. One look at the burly carbon steel blade with a black powder-coated finish is proof. Balanced out by a tough glass-reinforced nylon handle, it’s a surprisingly elegant balance of form and function.  Your...
  • CRKT Chanceinhell™ Machete

    Columbia River Knife & Tool

    CRKT Chanceinhell™ Machete

    # 601151

    With a generous-sized blade, comfortable handle, and reinforced nylon sheath this is the survival machete to use when the only thing you’ll be cutting to is your destination.  There are knives you see on survival shows. Then there’s the real deal...
  • Condor Viking Machete

    Condor Tool & Knife

    Condor Viking Machete

    # 601071

    This massive chopper is modeled after some blades excavated in Northern Europe. It is an amazing chopper and brush clearer. The heavy ended blade provides momentum for a deep cut every time. Yet, not so heavy that you can't swing it for a while or carry...
  • Condor Engineer Bolo Machete

    Condor Tool & Knife

    Condor Engineer Bolo Machete

    # 601070

    This beast is a Corps of Engineers' choice for clearing the heavy stuff. The razor-sharp, 1075 high carbon steel blade has a thick, full profile tang. Scales are stained walnut with genuine brass rivets and lanyard hole. Includes handmade leather belt...
  • Spetsnaz Style Survival Machete / Chopper

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Spetsnaz Style Survival Machete / Chopper

    # 404532

    This modern update takes the original Soviet special ops design and improves the functionality. The original had a hollow, squarish plastic handle to store matches and the like, but made the knife incredibly tip heavy and hard to use. This version has a...
  • Combat Commander Gladiator Machete

    United Cutlery

    Combat Commander Gladiator Machete

    # 403980

    Inspired by the Roman gladius, this sword will feel wicked in your hand.  This bad boy from United Cutlery just feels wicked in the hand. Super fast and functional, you can beat off the barbarian hordes in your backyard for days. The razor-sharp...

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