Kukris & Machetes

Kukris are mid length curved knives used both as a tool and a weapon. They are regimental issue to the famous Gurkha warriors, in whose skilled hands it becomes a frightening weapon. Designed for utilitarian use as well as war, it excels at chopping, cutting and stabbing. Windlass Steelcrafts is proud to be the only official government contractor for the kukri! Also find machetes and chopping knives for camping or just clearing out your own jungle.

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  • Windlass Cobra Steel Wakizashi

    Windlass Cobra Steel

    Windlass Cobra Steel Wakizashi

    # 501391

    This outdoor, rugged version of Wakizashi, is well balanced tactical chopper with a full profile tang for strength. Factory sharp, includes leather sheath with metal throat and tip.   We’ve had many requests from bush pilots for an outdoor,...
  • Windlass Cobra Steel Lakonia

    Windlass Cobra Steel

    Windlass Cobra Steel Lakonia

    # 403213

    The tactical knife has a hand-forged, high-grade 420 stainless steel factory sharp blade, and a weather resistant rubber handle. Overall 20-1/4 inches.   This Windlass Cobra Steel survival knife is based on the deadly Spartan Short Sword. The...
  • Kukri Machete

    Cold Steel

    Kukri Machete

    # 401684

    This Kukri Machete combines the efficient cutting power of the Gurkha Kukri with the heft of a machete. Sturdy Cordura sheath included. Overall 18 inches.  There’s no single edged weapon that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri...

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