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Last Chance Gun Accessories & Dummy Weapons

Non-firing, black powder, holsters, belts, magazines and more for you to get at great prices for a limited time.

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Hawksley Replica Brown Leather Powder Flask Hunting Scene

This powder flask has a highly polished removable brass Hawksley head with a brass body highlighted by hard moulded brown leather for a great look. A noble hunting scene is pressed into the metal and leather on each side.
$28.69 $44.95

Replica Enfield Combination Musket Tool

This replica functional tool is used for assembling Civil War era muskets.
$23.69 $39.95

18th Century Wheellock Rifle

The wheellock mechanism was developed to eliminate the need of a burning ember to ignite the gunpowder. This wheel, once wound, would create a spark, much like a modern lighter. This beautiful reproduction is expertly made of wood, metal and intricate brass working parts.