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Last Chance Gun Accessories & Dummy Weapons

Non-firing, black powder, holsters, belts, magazines and more for you to get at great prices for a limited time.

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M4/M16 Replacement Rear Aperture Assembly

These are original contract apertures that are spring-loaded and rest in a steel base which can be inserted where the damaged sight aperture is removed.

Dyer Cartridge Box

These replica Dyer Cartridge boxes come in black or brown leather and have a fleece lining to protect the ammo from rolling about too much. The flap is embossed with “US”. Brass hardware.

P-08 German Luger Naval Parabellum Non-Firing Replica with Black Grips

This non firing German Luger Naval replica has black grips and realistic action.

Replica Enfield Combination Musket Tool

This replica functional tool is used for assembling Civil War era muskets.

Martini Henry Brass Muzzle Cover #2

New Martini Henry Brass Muzzle Cover #2, made similar to the original, does not have cleaning rod hole in the end, 7/8" diameter and 2-1/8" tall

Martini Henry Brass Oiler with Factory Markings

New Martini Henry Brass Oiler with Factory Markings, made from an original, 1" diameter and 2-7/8" tall.

Brown Bess Leather Waist Belt With Bayonet Frog

This replica belt holster fits Brown Bess and similar muskets. Made up of top-grain black leather, it has a brass buckle and fits waists up to 52". Like the originals, it has a sewn-in bayonet frog and there are no holes for the buckle. You can create a custom fit by adding your own with an awl or similar tool.

Martini Henry Cartridge Bandolier

Bandoliers were often issued to soldiers to help in reloading their muskets quickly. Worn around the chest, our reproduction is made from top quality leather.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Officer’s Style Pistol Belt

What a fantabulous reproduction !  Well made,simple design .
Reviewed by: Phillip, February 03, 2020

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

Excellent quality reproduction of a classic.45 ACP magazine pouch.
Reviewed by: Gary, February 01, 2020

Review of: Martini Henry Brass Muzzle Cover #2

Good match to an original!
Reviewed by: Herb, September 08, 2019

Review of: New Stock Set Martini Henry MkI & MkII

Not a bad stock set. You'll have to do some fitting, but a Dremel will do it.  You will have to drill the forend stock pin holes, the lower one was the hardest.  Be careful not to let the pin chip out the wood when you insert it.  The finish is too dark and I have not stripped it yet to see what is underneath.  All in all you can't go wrong with this stock set.
Reviewed by: Rahn, November 29, 2018

Review of: P-38 Hardshell Luger Holster German WWII AfrikaKorps

I purchased this for use as my deep woods carry holster for a 9MM S
Reviewed by: Gregory, May 19, 2018

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

a nice dual mag  pouch. they will require a lot of breaking in to ensure that my mags slide in and out easily
Reviewed by: David, October 24, 2016

Review of: Martini Henry Brass Oiler with Factory Markings

Very nice M-H rifle oiler bottle.  Great condition.  A little pricey but excellent condition and with marking as advertised.
Reviewed by: Ed, February 07, 2016

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

Needs some work but it is well made.
Reviewed by: Ken , May 21, 2015

Review of: 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch

The Magazine Pouch is of very high quality leather and excellently stitched and made.  Some softening/working of the leather will be needed by the customer to allow magazines to be placed and pulled from the pouch with speed and ease.  The leather is a little stiff.  
Reviewed by: Michael, May 07, 2015

Review of: Officer’s Style Pistol Belt

Reviewed by: bony, April 12, 2010