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WWII Lady Luck Metal Sign

Lady Luck was one of the most famous illustrations painted on the front of our bombers during World War II. This great poster has been beautifully reproduced on a small tin sign.

WWII Coming Right Up Metal Sign

Nose art was a way soldiers and pilots took their fantasy sweethearts into battle with them. This beauty is “coming right up” on this great moral poster, which has been reproduced on a tin sign.

WWI US Marines Metal Sign

Enlistment signs have always shown how strong our service members are. The stalwart US Marine is shown in his dress uniform on this perfectly reproduced tin sign.

WWI French Battalion Metal Sign

Enlistment posters were not just limited to the US during the first World War. This great French poster is wonderfully reproduced on a sturdy tin sign, great for any room or office.

WWII Grenade Metal Sign

This fantastic replica tin sign shows Americans who were making arms for our troops how every piece manufactured needed to work properly. Perfect for your man cave or collections area.

US Marines Let’s Go Metal Sign

Enlistment signs such as this one showing US Marine marching off to the European front began showing up as soon as the US entered World War I. This strong-looking illustration is reproduced on a great tin sign.

Eisenhower War Bonds Metal Sign

War Bonds were the life blood of our troops during World War II. This great poster showing General Dwight D. Eisenhower is perfectly reproduced on this sturdy tin sign

WWII Keep 'Em Firing Metal Sign

This fantastic replica propaganda tin sign shows the Axis powers trying to take over the world. Perfect for your man cave or collections area.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Full Grain Leather Adventurer's Bullwhip - 9 Foot

Awesome! Can't wait to get cracking.
Reviewed by: Eliyahu, February 02, 2022

Review of: Milanese Parade Armored Knight

love it  it came quik  is nice paint job is well done detail is awesome very happy mrl has nice gear will enjoy it for a long time thanks  mrl .
Reviewed by: Michael, August 03, 2020

Review of: Forged Iron Candle Holder

Nothing to break on this item, no worries about dead batteries, and you can tell when you need to replace the light source!  It's really well built and sits flat, no wobble.  The candle spike is long so no danger of the candle falling off.  The feet are spiked so be careful setting it on fine furniture or glass.
Reviewed by: KURT, May 23, 2020

Review of: Iron Railroad Signal Lantern

Very NICE, brand-new railroad signal!  All glass (fixed clear, rotatable colored lenses) is clean, clear and undamaged. Metal lantern body is clean and undamaged, the painted finish unblemished.  Definitely a bargain for less than $80!
Reviewed by: George, March 04, 2020