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  • Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe

    # 600244

    This tomahawk is hand-forged with a high carbon steel blade. Handle has cross-hatched bands and metal inlays. Overall 22 inches.   Used as both weapon and ceremonial object, the tomahawk was created in an astonishing variety of shapes. This...
  • Viking Celebration Kit

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Viking Celebration Kit

    # 930002

    Celebrate Viking Style with this wonderful set of feastware essentials! This kit includes a set of 2 triangular-shaped horn mugs, a set of forged iron eating utensils, a forged iron bottle opener, and a pewter Raven pendant for you to wear whilst...
  • Iron Railroad Signal Lantern

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Iron Railroad Signal Lantern

    # 805230

    This iron Railroad Lantern features a kerosene burner on the inside, as well as a rotating case that permits you to cast red, green or plain light through a glass lens (included).  In the fledgling days of locomotives, before electricity, railway...
  • Sitting Bull Bust Statue

    Sitting Bull Bust Statue

    # 804895

    This bust captured in cold cast resin and then plated in a bronze finish for a metal look and feel.  This bust shows a brave, strong, resolute and regal pose of Sitting Bull from 1880 is captured in cold cast resin and then plated in a bronze finish...
  • WWII Sergeant Statue

    WWII Sergeant Statue

    # 805272

    This highly detailed WWII Sergeant Statue is made of cold-cast resin with an antique bronze finish. He is poised in full contemplation, complete with stogie in hand.  This cold cast resin statue is an excellent portrayal of a WWII sergeant in full...
  • 19th Century Replica Surgery Kit

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    19th Century Replica Surgery Kit

    # 805049

    The set includes eight historical medical tools, including one bone saw, one hinged clamp, hinged scissors, two bistoury knives, one pick-probe, and two hooked apparatuses. Includes compartmented cloth-lined vinyl pouch. Great for re-enactment,...

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