Last Chance

Well this couldn't have been named better! It's exactly what it sounds like- the last time you'll get these from ACC and most likely anywhere else. A special chance to get a deal on products soon to become extinct. Maybe they were limited runs to begin with, maybe the manufacturer discontinued them, maybe they need to go to make room for other items. Any way you look at it you win. Knives, knife making supplies, swords, historical clothing, military surplus and accessories for the outdoor lifestyle can all be found here, but sell out fast so check back often.

  • Her Majesty's Royal Navy Set w/ Clock and Compass

    Windlass Nautical

    Her Majesty's Royal Navy Set w/ Clock and Compass

    # 804941

    This solid wood box has brass accents and holds a brass compass and working clock. "Her Majesty's Royal Navy" and official seal are etched on the glass top.  This distinguished solid wood desk set has brass accents with "Her Majesty's Royal Navy"...
  • United States Marshal Badge

    United States Marshal Badge

    # 804655

    This brass United States Marshal Badge is hand made and aged to be accurate to the originals. With a heavy pin back, for attaching to the thick clothing of the era, each metal badge is properly dished and deeply stamped.  This brass United States...
  • Unique Triple Threat Throwing Knives

    Unique Triple Threat Throwing Knives

    # 403383

    Unique set of 3 throwing knives with nylon belt sheath. Blackened, one-piece stainless steel with cut-outs for proper weight distribution. 6-3/8 inches.  Awesome little throwers with great, even weight (very important for penetration and distance)...
  • Hen & Rooster Damascus Stiletto - 6-7/8"

    Hen & Rooster Damascus Stiletto - 6-7/8"

    # 404602

    This pocket knife combines the Italian Stiletto with the exotic Kris pattern blade of Indonesia and legendary Damascus steel.  This Hen and Rooster pocket knife combines the Italian Stiletto with the exotic Kris pattern blade of Indonesia and...
  • Heavy Duty Fencing Jacket

    Heavy Duty Fencing Jacket

    # 101831

    En Garde! Durable canvas grade cotton construction and thick padding make this fencing jacket a robust companion for years of faithful service. Soft buttons are wrapped with the same canvas as the rest of the jacket with Velcro closure at the collar...
  • Gurkha Belt Buckle

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Gurkha Belt Buckle

    # 750086

    These unissued, highly polished 11th Rifles Regiment belt buckles were designed for military-style belts or 2 hole prong belts. The badge on the front is bolted onto the slightly curved buckle.  These are unissued, highly polished 11th Rifles...
  • Trail Marking Tacks

    Muddy Outdoors

    Trail Marking Tacks

    # 805317

    The White Trail Marking Tacks easily mark trails and routes to tree stands, hunting blinds, or trail cameras. The white is reflective at night when hit with a flashlight or headlamp and bright during daylight. Visible up to 200 yards. Pack of 50...
  • Guardsman Renaissance Shirt

    Guardsman Renaissance Shirt

    # 101784

    This gorgeous shirt, available in white or black, is perfect for a number of Renaissance outfits, including the swashbuckling Musketeers. Features metal buttons, attached string tie, ruffled front and long tight cuffs.  This gorgeous shirt is...

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